Bowery Market and Matcha Lattes


If you haven’t already noticed from our blog content, we frequent NYC food markets. Tara and I were actually just talking the other day, and came to the realization that we have been to every single one of them. Every. One. No joke! So when I heard that Bowery Market opened up this summer, we were there right away. We checked it out for the first time in August and snagged a few pics to give you guys a preview of how cool their vibes are.



They don’t have a ton of food options – the main one is Butcher’s Daughter, if you’re not feeling up to waiting in line at their Nolita location. They also have Italian sandwiches from Alidoro, sushi from Sushi on Jones, and Mexican food from Pulqueria. Next time, we’re definitely getting some tacos!



For this trip though, we opted to just make a caffeine run and go to Champion Coffee. Despite the name, we both got tea – Tara getting a Tumeric Ginger Iced Tea and I, of course, no surprise, always predictably got a Matcha Latte. EXCEPT THIS ONE WAS LIFE CHANGING.




What made it so insanely awesome was the fact that it came with MACADAMIA MILK. I didn’t have to ask for it specifically or anything, this is their matcha latte norm. I had never had macadamia milk before this, and was never a huge fan of almond milk, but it is literally the best nut milk EVER. The next day I went to the health food store and bought several macadamia milks and matcha to recreate this amazingness myself. Hint: matcha tastes so much better with nut milk compared to regular milk – I don’t know why but just try macadamia milk and thank me later. Try matcha too in fact if you haven’t yet!



Okay, enough of the matcha/macadamia rant – Bowery Market is super cool if you want to grab some L.A. vibed photos and just sit outside. With the palm trees, bright colors, and pineapple wallpaper, you’re bound to feel like you’ve escaped NYC for a bit!



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