Slouchy Style


There is nothing better than a cozy slouchy sweater in the fall! If you’re searching for that perfectly loose fall shirt, you don’t have to look so far. I usually just find a style of shirt I like and then go up two or three sizes! I did just that with this shirt. I liked the style, but the only size left was a few sizes up than what I typically wear. I bought it anyways and now it’s one of my go-to shirts for a lazy weekend or when you’re going out to eat, haha!




I styled it with a pair of high waisted black jeans and black slip-on wedges. I finished the look with a Jordan Loves James Geode Suede Wrap. I love this piece because it can be worn in so many ways – as a bracelet, arm wrap and several ways as a necklace or choker. So now you know there’s no need to do a full out hunt for that relaxed look. Just size up, roll up the sleeves, and you’re good to go!






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