by Chloe Vegan Eats


As the rise in going vegan grows, so does the number of chefs making delicious vegan eats. by CHLOE. has become a vegan cooking standard and understandingly so. Their completely plant-based menu is great even for non-vegans. We went to the Flatiron location around 7pm on a Saturday and expected to hit a long line (as there is usually a wait at any of their NYC locations), but we were able to find a table and order right away!



We had our Mom with us so we were able to each takes bites of three different things off the menu. Cailin got The Guac Burger, our Mom got the Quinoa Taco Salad and I got the Whiskey BBQ Sandwich.

Cailin loved her burger. The patty is made from black beans, quinoa and sweet potato which makes the burger substantial and filling. If you’re looking to eat healthier and aren’t a big salad fan, these burgers are easy to make and don’t leave you missing something.


I liked my BBQ sandwich as well. It was definitely filling and the barbecue flavor was great. The typically meat part of the sandwich was replaced with portobello mushrooms and seitan. Seitan is basically flavored gluten or the protein portion of wheat. I’m personally not a huge fan of replacements for meat like tofu and tempeh, so I could’ve done without it. This sandwich also has onion marmalade and pineapple in it, but those flavors were overpowered by the barbecue sauce.


What I wish I ordered was my Mom’s Quinoa Taco Salad. They used tempeh to resemble ground spicy chorizo, which was a lot better texture-wise for me. I definitely stole quite a few bites from my Mom. What I really loved was the simple agave and lime vinaigrette. It gave the whole salad a slightly sweet and light taste.


And now to the important part – dessert! Cailin got a cinnamon espresso chip cookie. She loved it, and not just because it was the size of her face! If you love crunchy cookies compared to gooey ones, you should definitely try by CHLOE’s vegan version. My Mom and I got the Raspberry Tiramisu cupcake which was also to die for! The cake was delicious with a fresh raspberry filling in the middle. The frosting was so good and had a buttercream texture despite being vegan.





If you’re vegan, do yourself a favor and check out by CHLOE. If you’re trying to go vegan, a stop here may make the transition a breeze. Finally, if you’re not vegan at all, still go. It’s a great healthy alternative and can open your eyes to all the creative vegan cooking that’s out there today!

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