Feature Friday: Tonya of Plunder Design

Happy Feature Friday!

received_10154670438347378This week we are featuring Tonya. She is a seller and stylist of Plunder Design jewelry, which is a really cool vintage jewelry company. If you haven’t heard of Plunder Design and love the look of unique vintage inspired jewelry we’d definitely recommend shopping with Tonya.

It’s never too early to do some Christmas shopping and what better way to do so than with your own personal stylist! To shop for all your jewelry lovers check out this link: http://www.shineonwithtonya.net

To learn a little more about Plunder Design and Tonya herself, read on!

Castle Logo: Tell us a little about yourself.

tonya: I am a stay at home/work from home mom. I have a sweet little girl named Jordis, and wife to handsome hubby Jacques. I am just a simple Florida gal who loves her family, Jesus, Plunder jewelry, and rocking her cowgirl boots. Been in direct sales for 20 years and just love helping women, meeting new people, inspiring others, and enjoy being a business owner.


Castle Logo: What led you to selling vintage jewelry?

tonya: I got into selling vintage jewelry at first by being captivated by the photo charms pieces. They are a timeless fashion piece! Our photo charms have a modern twist to the traditional photo charm idea which makes us truly unique and one of a kind. I overall just love making women feel beautiful and really jewelry is the icing on the cake for any fashion look!


Castle Logo: What do you think makes vintage jewelry unique?

tonya: Vintage jewelry has that classy, but  super chic edge to it that is timeless, yet modern.


Castle Logo: Do you have a favorite piece that you sell?

tonya: My favorite piece is our photo charms. They are a wonderful piece not just because you can custom design one with your picture of choice, but because you can interchange them with majority of our necklaces giving our customers so many options and so many amazing looks.


Castle Logo: How does it feel to run a business?

tonya: It is so fun! Plus being in business for yourself is such a privilege!! It gives you so much flexibility that a regular 9-5 corporate job can not give. I can work my business schedule around my daughter and husbands needs.


Castle Logo: What do you want customers to know about shopping with you and Plunder Design?

tonya: I want customers to know that I truly love what I do. I love styling and making them feel 100% beautiful and 100% satisfied!!  If you have a fashion look that you can not seem to find the right accessory to pair it with…shoot me over a picture and I can put some picture collage looks together for you with our jewelry! If you bought some Plunder pieces and can’t seem to find what outfits in your closet to wear it with, then shoot me over some pictures of outfits you have and I can come up with fun looks. I LOVE styling.


Castle Logo: How does having a community of Plunder Design sellers help support your individual business?

tonya: We truly encourage one another and help one another! It is more than just a team, but like a sisterhood and family. We support each other not just in our businesses, but in life, in our families, our goals and dreams. Some of these women have become some of my best friends and that is such a blessing!


Castle Logo: Have you ever had a customer review or response that stuck with you. Tell us about it.

tonya: Oh so many! So hard to choose, but I think more than anything is having women fall so in love with the jewelry, that they turn customer to a stylist  and see them in turn rock their business and become so successful and soar in their entrepreneurship just excites me and is so inspiring.


Castle Logo: A lot of the vintage jewelry you sell is inspirational? What inspires you personally?

tonya: My faith in God inspires me and I love how the pieces we have are so encouraging. It is nice to be able to gift a friend or customer who you know is going through a trial or having a hard week and just surprise and bless them with a bit of encouragement.


Castle Logo: Any advice?

tonya: As I tell all my girls i have had the pleasure of mentoring, coaching, training and leading over these years. SHINE BRIGHT!

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