Must Visit: Cha Cha Matcha


I’ve expressed my love/obsession for matcha in numerous posts, so when we heard a new ALL MATCHA EVERYTHING MATCHA place was opening, we were so excited to go! Not only does Cha Cha Matcha focus on the greatest drink/flavor ever, but when we saw photos of how cute the place was, we were sold! We headed there crossing our fingers to find seats on a Saturday afternoon (this place gets crowded) and strolled right in to find adorable bench seating available!


Although they had a lot of great options, we all went for the Iced Coconut Matcha latte. I always prefer my matcha iced for some reason. We were happy to see they had agave sweetener, so we put a ton of that in our drinks too!


I make my own iced matcha lattes at home, so everything since has really paled in comparison, but Cha Cha Matcha is a great place to chill for an afternoon admiring the gorgeous pink and green decor, L.A. vibes, and trendy NYCers  that frequent it. Next time though I’ll probably get their matcha cronut, matcha slush, or matcha soft serve!



Along with their variety of matcha products, one of our favorite parts was the use of matcha puns everywhere! Our cup sleeves said “I love you so Matcha,” their menu board says, “Thank You So Matcha!,” and I just saw they have a new addition — a neon sign that says “Matcha Gracias.” So this is definitely the place to go to score an epic-ly adorable Instagram and sip on NYC’s favorite green drink.img_4867

Read about our other matcha adventures too!


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