The Doughnut Project & First Street Green Art Park


And the doughnut adventure continues! We have stopped at quite a few NYC doughnut shops to sample their version of the dessert (or breakfast)! One of the last places we need to try on the list was The Doughnut Project.


It’s a small shop with a walk-up counter and some window barstool seating in the West Village. We got an assortment of flavors to try including Olive Oil and Black Pepper, The Everything Doughnut, Banana Jam w/ Spicy Peanut Butter and Grapefruit & Honey. All of them were delicious and true to the flavors they were supposed to represent. It doesn’t get more NYC than a classic everything bagel and The Doughnut Project’s version does this city staple justice.




We also took a stop at the First Street Green Art Park after. They have a lot of talented artists featured on the walls of the park as well as some installations. It’s a great pit stop to make if you’re in the area to see if any of the artwork has changed, or even to witness an artist in action.






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