Exploring the Cooper Hewitt Museum


We’ve always made it a mission or bucket list item to go to all of the museums in NYC. This has seemed pretty impossible because there are so SO many, but we wanted to check another off the list and headed to the Cooper Hewitt Museum in the Upper East Side. Yes, the one known for the rolling chairs. Social media has also somewhat dubbed it as the “Museum for People Who Don’t Like Museums.” Unfortunately, we DO like museums, so this wouldn’t be on our must-see list, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you want a quick, fun museum day!



We went during a renovation so some of the museum was closed and admission was only $5 for adults! We actually started at the cafe and then sat outside in their really nice terrace. Hint: you can go to their terrace and bring your own food without having to go through the museum! There’s a side entrance so you can just stroll in and get all the ambiance for free!


After some sort of blood orange iced tea, we headed to the second floor to check out all of the items curated from the Hewitt sisters. We thought it was super cool that these sisters teamed up and traveled looking to find items and create a collection for their museum. Their concept was new to the art world – a museum where you could touch and interact with the items! Today, you can’t touch everything, but there are interactive stations all over the museum where you can draw things and create your own designs!


They also give you an electronic pen that lets you scan the items you like so that you can view them on their website later! It almost feels like you’re doing a wedding registry, but is a cool way to make things more hands on.

See the pieces I scanned here!: https://collection.cooperhewitt.org/visits/rstd/

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 1.png

I was a super fan of all of their textiles and home items as you can see by my choices!

Finally we had to end the day by trying the rolling chairs! What’s special about these chairs is that no matter how fast you spin them, they won’t tip over. We really did test this theory and there were no falls! It was definitely one of our favorite and most memorable parts of the museum.

sis 2.jpgsis.jpg

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