Mediterranean Eats at Cava Grill


If you are looking for a fast but healthy meal, Cava Grill in Union Square could just do the trick! The chain opened a new location in NYC and is serving up Mediterranean-inspired food in a fast casual, Chipotle-style setting. Cailin and I love rice bowls so when we heard of Cava’s opening we had to give it a try. The menu is full of healthy options that are also filled with a ton of flavor.


We all got a greens and grain bowl as that is how you seem to get the most out of the base of your bowl. After choosing your base, you can pick three different dips/spreads. Between us we tried every option besides the regular hummus. All the dips were a delicious addition, but the harissa stood out to us for that spicy kick! Next, you pick a protein. We all went with their grilled chicken since we had heard many rave reviews about it. Some of the other choices include falafel, spicy lamb meatballs and braised beef. Then come the toppings. We recommend going with them all! You’ll get your money’s worth and all the toppings really complement each other. There are so many to choose from, but some of my favorites were the pickled banana peppers, cauliflower quinoa tabbouleh and the tomato cucumber salad. Lastly, the whole bowl is topped with your dressing of choice. We all got the sriracha greek yogurt.




Our bowls ended up being so big, that we saved what still looked like a full bowl for lunch the next day! This location has a decent amount of seating and since it is an easy grab-and-go place, you can find a space without too much of wait. Which is always a plus in the city!


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