Matcha Hot Chocolate at Chalait


Ever since we tried matcha we have had a slight obsession with anything matcha-related. So when we saw that Chalait was doing a matcha hot chocolate, we were there! They have a new location at 1216 Broadway which is a typical NYC “hole in the wall” size. It’s probably a little better for take away, but they do have five barstool seats situated at a floating table surface against the wall. We did have to wait a while on the steps to the rest of the building, which is why we have these concrete step photos, haha!




The matcha hot chocolate was delish, but you have to like real matcha! It has a little bit of a stronger taste than regular green tea and even the hot chocolate addition doesn’t make it that sweet. However, it is a great alternative if you’re looking for that energy boost, but don’t want the jitters!


We also tried their whole wheat banana bread, matcha greek yogurt and their smoothie bowl. Their smoothie bowl could’ve benefited from more toppings, but we make a lot of smoothie bowls at home, so we tend to spoil ourselves with the toppings! The banana bread was also good, although I am still getting used to whole wheat baked goods. I love to bake and in an attempt to be healthier I’ve bought a bag of wheat flour, but I’ve only used it a few times since I usually bake for other people and don’t want them to think it tastes too “healthy.” Cailin enjoyed the greek yogurt as well. It’s a unique way to get some energy and is one of their grab and go counter options.



We also got our “How’s Your Soul” book by Judah Smith in some photos. We bought it before the release date when Judah guest preached at Hillsong NYC. We’d definitely recommend it if you feel okay on the outside, but feel a little worn down on the inside. It’s a great tool to help you figure out what your soul truly needs to be healthy and is approachable for both mature believers and seekers alike. It would make an excellent Christmas gift!

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