Feature Friday: AubbieRoe

12378055_198797550459909_3001147215753951230_oHappy Feature Friday! 

Today we’re featuring Olivia of AubbieRoe who creates the most fun ankle cuffs! We think they’re perfect for a summer festival or just to add a cool touch to your outfit to create an effortless boho look. We’re all about fringe and unique fabrics and AubbieRoe’s cuffs give you both! We love Olivia’s business journey and can’t wait for you to learn more about her. Keep reading!

Castle Logo: Tell us a little about yourself.

aubbie: My name is Olivia Broom and I live in a little beach town on the East Coast of Florida. I work full time as a graphics designer, and my entire life revolves around being creative. I love to play guitar, paint, travel in my tiny camper and come up with new designs for my AubbieRoe ankle cuffs and leather bracelets.


Castle Logo: You make beautiful ankle cuffs and bracelets through your business Aubbie Roe. How did you get started?
aubbie: I am a big fan of Emonk Ibiza’s boots and sandals. I saw them on Instagram, and instantly wanted a pair, but they were way out of my price range. I thought I could probably make something similar myself, so I went out and bought a sewing machine and made a couple pair of what has become the AubbieRoe ankle cuffs. I really enjoyed making them, and everyone loved them, so I started selling them at local markets, craft fairs and online through Etsy, Facebook and Instagram.


Castle Logo: Describe the process behind creating your pieces.
aubbie: I find creative inspiration everywhere. Anything from a place I’ve visited, to something I see in a store, online or what someone is wearing gives me the inspiration for new designs. I also love to shop around online and in stores to find creative fabrics and details. I take all of these things home and just start playing around and building a design. It’s truly my favorite part of the entire process with AubbieRoe.


Castle Logo: What styles inspire your creations?
aubbie: I absolutely love the bohemian style, and am a big follower of Native American art and textiles. However, I try to design a large variety of styles, and offer custom designs as well.


Castle Logo: Have you always been a maker or interested in running your own store?
aubbie: When I was young my best friend and I painted sea shells and rocks and pulled them around in a wagon to sell to the neighbors. So I guess you could say I’ve always had a creator and entrepreneur spirit! Art was always my favorite subject in school, and I took that into college and my professional career as well. I’ve always wanted to have a creative project of my own, and I have found so much happiness in running AubbieRoe.


Castle Logo:  How did you feel when you made your first sale or when you saw someone wearing what you made?
aubbie: When I made my first sale on Etsy I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t really think I would do well on that site, but the orders just kept coming in and I’ve shipped ankle cuffs all over the country. I always have great reception and sales at local craft and art fairs as well. It makes me feel proud of my creative ability to make unique pieces that people really love.


Castle Logo: Where do you see the Aubbie Roe Girl going and doing in your products?
aubbie: Currently I am selling locally at a cute little store in Florida called the Junkin’ Jypsy. I also have a wholesale contract with a store in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I’d love to get my brand into more boutiques and shops around the country, offering custom designs to fit their vibe. I will also continue to run my Etsy shop and sell through social media.


Castle Logo:  What can we look forward to in Aubbie Roe’s future?
aubbie: I come up with new styles and designs every time I’m at my work table. I push myself and my creative ability to try new, more complicated designs as well. I am currently building my inventory, and am looking to expand my brand both online and in-store. I’m am always updating my Etsy site as well.


Castle Logo: Any advice?

aubbie: The best advice I can give to someone looking to start any business is to be patient, and stay consistent. It takes time to get your name out into the world, but using social media gives you the upper hand to reach so many potential buyers. I also like to encourage people to do something they enjoy. It’s nice to make money, but if you aren’t happy on a day to day basis, it’s important to consider your contentment in life as much as your paycheck.

See more from Olivia & AubbieRoe at:
 Facebook | Etsy | Instagram


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