DIY Lace Up Tee in Chelsea


The weather was a little nicer than usual, so we thought, “Why not take a walk on the Highline!?” We actually hadn’t been to the Highline in over 2 years since it’s pretty far on the West Side, but it was the perfect day to walk around, pop into Chelsea Market, and end the day with the famous artichoke pizza at Artichoke Basile’s.


I was super excited to debut my most successful DIY upcycled shirt – I literally got this cool tee from Salvation Army for $1 (can I get an amen for Half-Priced Wednesdays at Salvation Army!?) It’s a tee from a building supply company but I thought the graphic was pretty cool so I took it home to cut it up!


This isn’t a tutorial or anything, but if you want to recreate this look yourself, it’s super easy! Just draw a v-shaped plunge from the collar and then cut out the shape while keeping the collar on. I also cut the bottom of the shirt and the sleeves since it was an XL tee! Then grab some black trim (the one I bought was twill) and some fabric glue and glue the trim where you cut the v-shape to cover the raw edges. Finally get an eyelet plier and some eyelets, snap those guys on, and get cord to lace it up! Simple as that!

IMG_7479 copy.jpg

I love how edgy it came out and the best part is it’s totally original. I won’t be seeing anyone in NYC in this tee! Plus it’s a great conversation starter and when you tell people you made it yourself they’re super impressed! I’ve made many more since and they’re such a fun project.

IMG_7370 copy.jpg

After walking the Highline, we headed into Chelsea Market to shop around and FINALLY got to try the artichoke pizza from the Artichoke Basile’s location on 10th. We grabbed our slices and headed back to the Highline to eat them — and let me tell you, this pizza is super intense but super good. It’s definitely on the heavier side, so be prepared with lots of water and maybe a box to take it home cause they give you some big slices! If you’re a visitor to NYC, a day in Chelsea is definitely something you should put in your itinerary!

IMG_7481 copy.jpg

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