Living the Dream Every Single Day


This post features two items I’ve had my eyes on for awhile, this Walk in Love long sleeve tee and my Jack Rogers booties. I just loved the saying on this tee because I think it is so important to go after your crazy dreams and believe you are walking and living in them every day. It also reminds me to stay grateful for the love I have around me and the things we’re so blessed to call basics like shelter, food, clothes and safety. If we’re given the opportunity and are able to alleviate other’s burdens in this manner, I’d say we’re living the dream!




The booties, I have been searching for endlessly after studying abroad in London. I saw someone wearing a similar pair on the Tube and loved the look of the wooden heel. However, it turns out that most black booties also have black heels, so the hunt continued for years for a moderately priced pair of booties that were black, had a wooden heel and weren’t too tall. Well, the Bailee Bootie from Jack Rogers fit the bill perfectly. I got them on sale from Nordstrom and they are the best! The quality is great and the little details like the scalloping at the ankle make them more unique. They go with everything and with the low height I can wear them all day.



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