XC Skiing the Berkshires


As New Yorkers, we have a ton of snow most years and wanted to make the most of it! We love cross country skiing (after going a handful of times when we were younger) and had the random urge to go this month! Our friend Kbray is all about skiing these days too, so she joined in on the fun! We decided to head to the Berkshires (in Massachusetts) since it’s one of our favorite mountain areas! Usually, we go there in the summer for their chill lakes, locally owned coffee shops, and great music and museum options! (Hit us up for recommendations on any of these – seriously!) We actually had never been to the Berkshires during the winter months, but a cool guy named James Taylor once sang, “…The Berkshires seemed dreamlike on account of that frosting…,” and so going there for a snow-related activity just made sense. He was right, by the way – totally dreamlike.




I researched for some places and found Canterbury Farms: a B&B with over 13.5 miles of skiing and snowshoeing trails! It is right in the town of Becket, which coincidentally is where our favorite lake is too! What we loved about this place is that they update their skiing conditions every day, which is great considering we had to drive over an hour to get there and wanted to make sure their trails were good to go! They also have the cheapest rates that I came across in my search!



We probably should’ve looked at the ski conditions more seriously because this is what they said:


We were too eager to go so even though they clearly say “not recommended for beginners” we went anyway. We learned the hard way that this was definitely true, as most of the trail was solid ice. For us that meant whenever there was a bit of a hill, we went at pretty insane speeds. Which led to falling. A few times…


We looped through one of the trails in about 3 hours – stopping to take some photos of course! Even though it felt more like ice skiing at times, overall the trail was beautiful and filled with pine trees, a frozen lake, creeks, and scenic views!


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