Matcha at Whole Foods


One day while picking up some groceries at Whole Foods, we noticed that their Allegro Coffee Bar was serving up a bunch of matcha drink options. I’m not sure how we missed this before, but once we spotted a Matcha Chai Latte on the menu we knew we had to try it. So on our next visit to Whole Foods we both got a Matcha Chai as well as a few cookies to split! We thought the drink was excellent and refreshing! Chai and matcha have such distinct flavors, but they ended up working great together. We both tend to prefer iced matcha drinks, so this will definitely be a go-to drink as spring approaches.


Unfortunately we didn’t get many photos of the cookies because we were hungry and living in the moment haha! – so we ate them up before they could get a proper photo-op. One was a kitchen sink cookie, complete with chocolate chips, potato chips and pretzels. The other cookie consisted of rich chocolate with gooey toffee swirls. We love that a lot of Whole Foods’ baked goods are from local bakeries, so you can try a few items from different bakeries in your area all at once.




Next time you’re doing a little grocery shopping, take a moment to sit and get some relaxing cafe time in! And if you haven’t given matcha a shot yet, maybe try the chai or lemonade versions they have. We know you’ll love them and it’s a healthy way to get that energy boost.

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