Exploring the Omi International Arts Center


If you haven’t noticed by all of our Feature Fridays, we are huge art lovers so if there’s ever a chance to check out a new artist or head to a museum, we’re there!
One day while scrolling through Instagram, I stumbled upon Omi International Arts Center and it looked incredible! Even better, it was located in NY! It wasn’t too far of a drive, so one weekend we headed there to check out all of the art in their Fields Sculpture Park.


We had always passed Storm King Art Center on our drive to college and wanted to go check out the huge sculptures, but never had the chance. So when we saw that the Omi Center had a similar concept and admission was –FREE– we had to go! It’s basically a huge outdoor area with different sculptures strewn throughout the premises.


We loved that some of them were interactive – you could climb on them, spin them, walk into them or even through them.

One of our favorites was the Omi Pond House by Rob Fischer, because just look at this! It’s an all glass house with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and seating area on top of the pond (or more like swamp haha) in the center of the sculpture park.


What was really cool about the grounds is that there were a lot of variations in how the sculptures were set up. Some stood in the middle of fields, where others had to be more sought out and discovered amidst the wooded areas. We also loved Kim Beck’s NOTICE: A Flock of Signs that pointed us in no particular direction in this section of the woods!


As you can see from all the photos, we had so much fun and really loved every sculpture and installation we saw!


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