Honey & Tea Tasting


Nothing new here — this post talks about matcha, again! … But for all of the matcha lattes in NYC, my favorite green drink is few and far between in Upstate New York (our hometown). I was looking up where I could find matcha in the area, and saw that Saratoga Tea & Honey had one on their menu! So there we went!


Before we grabbed a latte, we went straight to the back to see their “Honey Room.” It’s just how it sounds, a room with jars of honey everywhere! You can taste all of their varieties which was so fun! I love honey in my tea, yogurt, and smoothies, but for some reason don’t like to eat it plain — so I wasn’t jumping up and down at the chance to sample tons and tons of honey.


I was totally wrong because after I tried my first sample, I was in love! We started off with one I thought I’d like, Chocolate Infused Honey and it became my favorite of them all! I could literally just eat this plain. Forever.


Tara’s favorite flavor was the Mango Infused Honey. This one was amazingly delicious too! We definitely think it was the most versatile and could be used in just about anything! On it’s description it said that it went particularly well with matcha, so when we ordered our matcha latte, we made sure to ask for the mango honey in it.


They serve all kinds of tea drinks at their tea lounge — and even better, you can get them with any of their honey varieties to sweeten it! We did an iced matcha latte with almond milk and mango honey and it quickly became one of our top 5 matcha lattes. And the best one out of those in Upstate New York! If you’re ever in the area, Saratoga Tea & Honey is a fun stop — especially for those honey lovers!



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