Spektor Coffee Roasters


We’ve got another coffee oasis spot for you guys! As you all know by now, finding cool coffee shops wherever we go is kinda our thing. There are too many amazing coffee places in the city that no matter how hard we try we will probably not make it to all of them…which is what makes the city so great in a way, but in Upstate NY you have to sometimes search for them. Cailin came across Spektor Coffee in Glens Falls, NY on Instagram so on a nice day we drove up for an afternoon caffeine kick!

The space is really cute with an assortment of couches, tables and counter seating. When we went almost all the spaces were taken with people doing work, so it is definitely a great place to set up your office for the day. If you go early enough they also have a full menu of baked goods, breakfast and lite lunch options.

Cailin got a Chai Latte and I got a Caramel Latte. Both were really good flavor and quality wise! Surprisingly, they could of been a little hotter which never happens, haha! We’re used to waiting 10 minutes before we can safely take a sip of our drinks without fear of scorching our tongues…so it was kind of nice to be able to drink our lattes right away, but they did get cold quite quickly.

Overall, we’d recommend Spektor Coffee as an excellent spot for a good latte and a quiet work atmosphere.

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