Feature Friday: LoveClayFlowers

Happy Feature Friday!

We are amazed by today’s feature as Olga Mironova creates the most unique and beautiful bouquets for her shop, LoveClayFlowers. As the name suggests, these bouquets, boutonnieres, and other wedding accessories are made completely of clay! We have never seen clay flower arrangements before and are completely mesmerized with them. We love how realistic her creations are and really enjoyed hearing about how much pride Olga has in making her products. She truly works to make her bouquets the best they can be for that special wedding day and is always perfecting her craft. Read on to see the crazy amazing things Olga can do with clay, and hear about how LoveClayFlowers got to where it is today.

: Tell us a few things about yourself!

: I live in Russia and I’m 33. 🙂 I’m married and have a daughter Sonya – she’s 7.  I used to work in a bank, but then decided to start my floristic career and I love my life now!

: Your clay bouquets and accessories are so beautiful! What made you decide you wanted to create these products?

: Thank you! I’ve always been a creative soul. Since my childhood I used to make flowers from beads, from silk, etc. Some years ago I saw clay bouquets and was stunned! They looked so delicate and realistic. Even more surprisingly, they were very lightweight and not fragile! I really wanted to learn how to make them and I found a school where I learned how to make clay flowers, and now I create clay bouquets! 🙂 That is what I love and I’m glad I can express myself through my work and bring more beauty into this world.

: They look so lifelike! How do you make the flowers and succulents look so real? How much practice did it take?

: It took me about a year to learn how to make flowers look realistic … If you saw my very first flower lol. It was soo poor! I think I’m a workaholic and I’m very devoted to what I love to do. I can practice the whole day long and I’m not tired of it. If I want a specific shape or color, I can try it thousand times, indeed. I used to stare at pictures of succulents for hours, at different types of flowers, different colors and I’d try to repeat its natural shape and beauty – I think I succeeded!

: How did you get your training/learn how to work with clay so well? Did you always want to work with clay and be a part of the bridal industry?

: I found a professional school, called Deco, in my city and I was studying there for about a year. I started to practice with cold porcelain first. This technique is more sophisticated than polymer clay and that gave me a lot of knowledge and secrets on how to make flowers look more natural. Usually you don’t need molds and you form petals with the help of your fingers, but I still can use molds to add special textures to the flowers petals and that looks amazing.

Even now, I always attend different classes to make my technique better and better. I learn something new every day and I practice every single day! Also, I became a professional florist and that helps me a lot when I arrange the bouquets and centerpieces. I’m also involved in wedding decor business here in Russia and I work with different agencies as a florist.

: What is the most challenging thing about what you do?

: Speaking about clay bouquets, mostly it is about timing! 🙂 For example, a bride wants my bouquet but she needs it in 10 days and she is in the U.S. and I’m in Russia. I’m not afraid of challenges and I can make it! I remember a bouquet which I created just within 1 day (24 hours and it was 10 inch bouquet with numerous and sophisticated flowers) and I shipped it to Australia the next day and it arrived on time.

Challenge 2 – When a bride sends me a pic of a real bouquet and asks if I can recreate it from the picture in clay? I always say YES! 🙂 I’m not afraid of challenges.

: Do you have a favorite memory or compliment from a customer who used one of your creations?
: Yes sure, compliments and feedback always make my eyes wet :)) but my favourite one is from Maria, she was so impressed by her flowers that she invited me to the States for a thank you dinner :)) … Well, I would love to visit some day!

: What is it like to create something people use for one of the biggest days of their lives – their wedding?!

: That is a huge responsibility!!!! But when people trust you, you should make everything ideally. Colors, shapes, details, everything should be perfect. And I love the idea that I was a part of the project and did my job well 🙂 I’m proud of it!

: Do you have a personal favorite flower (in real life or in clay version!) and a favorite bouquet or product of yours?

:  I love peonies and succulents! I’m happy that brides love them too :)) and my favourite bouquet is one with pink peonies and succulents.

: What are your future plans for LoveClayFlowers?

: I really love to make clay bouquets and arrangements and I dont want to stop! I want to find new techniques, try new shapes and new flowers, color mixes and so on. I want my business to grow and be successful.

: Any advice?

: Never be afraid of doing something new. If you want it, try it and it can change your life!

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