Taking in the Nashville Skyline


On most of our trips Cailin and I try to get a good look at the skyline of whatever city we’re in! We heard that the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge which connects East Nashville to Downtown, gave excellent views of the cityscape, so we hopped in an Uber and headed for the downtown entrance to the bridge. The view from the bridge is an awesome vantage point to take in your surroundings and walk across the Cumberland River. You can look down at the bustling downtown streets and rooftops, the river and Nissan Stadium!

After strolling along the bridge we headed to the Music City Walk of Fame Park. Although we do like country music and history, and would’ve loved to check out the museum, we opted out on this trip to save some money to see some live music. Instead we walked along the Walk of Fame Park, which was a fun way to pay tribute to some of our favorite country stars. If you find yourself in Nashville and aren’t a fan of country music, funny enough we found that a lot of the Nashvillians we met did not particularly like it! So this park is the perfect way to get a little country in without the commitment of a show or the museum.


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