Feature Friday: Ever After Enchanted Decor

Happy Feature Friday!

FullSizeRender(1416)Today we’re excited to hearing from Rosanna of Ever After Enchanted Decor! She works alongside her husband to create beautiful reclaimed wood decor to really spruce up your home! Their pieces are the perfect way to show what your family is all about or add some inspiration to your walls. We love how passionate Rosanna is about creating pieces that are of amazing quality and bring joy to customers just by looking at them! The way her and her husband transform these pieces of wood, there’s no way they wouldn’t bring joy! We think you guys are going to love what the two of them create and we can’t wait for you to hear their story! Keep on reading to hear more about the brand and see some of the amazing creations Ever After Enchanted Decor offers.

Castle Logo: Tell us a little about yourself!
ever after: Hi, my name is Rosanna, I’m 39 years old and I have two boys, a 6 year old and a 19 year old. My husband and I have always been big dreamers and have wanted to have a business together where we could create beautiful things, express our creativity, and spend more time together. I’ve always wanted the freedom and excitement that come with having my own business. In 2015 I decided to open an Etsy shop. I wasn’t happy at my job and I wanted to start this shop with the hopes that it would grow and that I could do it full time. The company that I worked for was bought out and I ended up being laid off from my corporate job. To me this was the perfect opportunity to put all I had into the business. Our goal is to take this business on the road: travel in our RV, book shows all over the country to bring our décor to people, and have fun doing it. My husband Eric currently has a full time job and is in a punk band with his brother and friends called TLB.


Castle Logo: How did Ever After Enchanted Decor get its start?
ever after: I had the idea for my business when my husband and I were finally able to purchase our home. My goal was to have a home before my oldest son Ethan would leave for college. This did happen! We purchased our home his senior year of high school. I was so happy and I didn’t want to go to the store and buy just anything to fill our home with, I wanted to create beautiful décor that was special and meant something to me. I purchased some pieces from other makers on Etsy that I really loved, but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I was inspired to create my own pieces. Once I started painting and creating things I just kept finding more inspiration, and one day it just hit me: start a shop that has beautiful décor, inspirational, magical, feminine pieces that are close to my heart.


Castle Logo: We love your variety of products and styles. What are some of your favorite pieces to create or design?
ever after: My favorite pieces are the barn wood pieces. We moved out further into the country, and there’s a lot of farmland and old barns. The scenery is just beautiful. I love to create pieces with the barn wood. I think it’s just so naturally pretty the distressing that happens over time. I like to mix the old barn wood with inspirational words, or glam it out with glitter. Each day I try to come up with something new, so usually my new pieces are my new favorites! I do try to create a little something for everyone. As much as I love really girly and glittery pieces, I know not everyone does and I also love a simple clean look, which is why I started creating more farmhouse-style pieces.


Castle Logo: You and your husband are the duo behind all the magic in your shop. What do you love about teaming up with the hubs?
ever after: I love teaming up with my husband because we make a great team. We support each other when the other is having doubts and I like to get his opinions. With both of us together, we come up with something that I end up loving even more than my original idea. Plus, I love spending time and dreaming up our future together.


Castle Logo: Working with wood can seem a little intimidating for other makers. How did you become familiar with this media?
ever after: My husband has always been hands on so I have a learned a lot from him. I just love the quality of solid wood and barn wood. I feel that if you love something and want to learn more about it, you definitely can!


Castle Logo: How has your family and the purchase of your first home inspired your pieces? Has any piece brought back specific memories (or hold a special meaning) for you and your family?
ever after: My husband made me a wood heart for Mother’s day, and that’s when we decided to add wood hearts to the shop. It’s special because it represents love and family and going after your dreams.


Castle Logo: Coming up with new designs can be hard at times. What parts of your lifestyle keep your creative juices flowing?
ever after: I feel the happier and more confident I am, the more inspiration comes to me. In the past couple of years, especially when I was laid off from my job, I had to really take a look at myself and be honest about what I want and who I am and ask myself: do I believe in myself enough to go after my dreams? So I started journaling,meditating, and dancing. I feel these really keep me in a positive mind frame and give me the confidence to go out there with our décor business. It’s definitely a daily practice that I need to do to feel my best.


Castle Logo: You can just see the quality and care put into your work. What measures do you take to ensure this level of quality at Ever After Enchanted Decor?
ever after: Quality is very important to us. We don’t take short cuts. We believe in providing a beautiful product that will make someone happy and excited to put in their home. We want it to bring them joy and inspiration, even if it’s just for the few moments if their day that they spend looking at it. We have found some very cool guys that take down barns in our area. They take all the nails out of each piece of wood and they power wash the wood to take out any insects that could be living in there. So there is a lot of hard work that goes into saving the reclaimed wood. When we make our trips for the barn wood we look for the prettiest pieces. To us that means that they will be distressed, have a lot of nail holes, and chipped paint. I feel it has a history and I also like that we can support our local farmers. When we are cutting the wood we take our time with each piece. Just as we would want a quality product for ourselves, we want it for others.


Castle Logo: You have some lovely feedback from your customers. How does it feel to see your work up on people’s walls and in their homes? Do you have a customer review that has made a big impact on you?
ever after: Every single review I have received makes me beyond happy.It’s crazy for me to think that people have our art and creations in their homes—in different parts of the country and even a few in other countries. I am grateful they connect with our pieces and take time to write a review. It’s very rewarding for us!

IMG_7157 (1)

Castle Logo: Any advice?
ever after: I feel very strongly that people should follow their dreams. Love themselves, be authentic, listen to their intuition and be their unique self. Even if others will think you are crazy. To me I think we should live life to the fullest and sometimes that means not conforming to what others around you want you to do. One step at a time though. It takes strong faith and being happy with the little accomplishments as they come. And of course, it’s so important to make your space special so that you can feel cozy and thankful when you are home.


See more from Ever After Enchanted Decor:
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