Maker Monday: Looney Collective

Happy Maker Monday! 

This Monday we are featuring Elizabeth Looney of the Looney Collective! We love how eclectic and varied Elizabeth’s creations are. If there is something that she can make instead of buy she is going to try her hand at it. Elizabeth truly has the spirit of a maker and we think it is awesome that she decided to share her pieces with the world. You can find the Looney Collective on Etsy, or just shoot Elizabeth an email for a custom request. Read on to learn more about Elizabeth’s journey and advice!

: Tell us a little about yourself

: I’m Liz, a stay-at-home mom with a shrinking amount of free time and an ever growing list of things I want to make! I’m a maker to the core, from making my own cleaning supplies and general health care products for the house to the quirky pieces of art and eclectic bits and bobs I sporadically add to my shop. It gives me some strange thrill to repurpose and breathe life back into forgotten and found objects. You’ll see “vintage” and “upcycled” items in my shop.

: How did you get started with the Looney.Collective and selling your creations through Instagram

: I would say the shop was born from necessity and fueled by intensity. Lol I started making things for myself that I needed or wanted but couldn’t otherwise afford. Every time I learn a new skill or find a new hobby that I greatly enjoy (which is almost all of them) I get this intense urge to just make as as much and as many as I can for several weeks. So this intensity, of course, leads to excess which in turn brings a need to purge the excess. I started off selling and trading the extra wares and goods I was making but then began to create intentionally; the ideas never stopped flowing.

: You are the ultimate crafter! Were you always creatively inclined?

: I guess you could say that. I grew up with a mother that was VERY crafty, she always made sure we had the freedom to express any creativity we felt.

: At Looney.Collective you sell a variety of creations from bags, jewelry, embroidery hoops, weaving wall hangs, garlands and more! How did you learn to create all these pieces?

: Everything I’ve learned to create has been self-taught. My mother taught me the basics of sewing when I was younger, like how to thread the machine and sew in a straight line. And my grandmother taught me how to knit and purl when I was 14. Aside from the basics, everything else has been learned through online videos and pattern books. Once my skills developed far enough, I started to let my imagination take over.

: Take us into a typical day at “the studio”, wherever that may be!

: Well, for the time being “the studio” is my living room/dining room area. I’ll have my very own “crafting cottage” when we move into our new house at the end of this year. A “typical” day usually involves waking up with and tending to my 11 month old for the first half of the day and working on whatever project I have going in-between chores and rescuing the little one from his own mischief. My best work is done late at night, when both the baby and the husband are in bed. I relish the quiet time, my brain just goes haywire with inspiration when the moon is up.

: Do you have a product you’ve created for a customer that was hard to let go?

: I haven’t had a hard time letting any of my creations go just yet, but I have definitely liked several of them enough to make them for myself. There was one particular weaving I made that I kept around a few extra days before sending her off, she was a beauty.

: What are some things that inspire you to make your pieces?

: Inspiration is so sporadic. People inspire me more than anything I think, their many quirks and talents. The full moon usually brings great intuitive inspiration as well. I believe wholeheartedly in the Energy we all share, everyone and everything gives off it’s own vibration. I thrive off these waves of energy.

: If you could pick one new craft or area of creativity to explore, what would it be?

: I have been wanting to try my hand at dyeing my own yarn for a while now! I recently purchased a few supplies to give it a go, I’m just sorting out a few other projects before I go starting a whole new one

: Sometimes you do custom work for your clients. What do you like about working on a client’s idea?

: I love working with other people’s ideas because imagination is endless. Like I said before, I thrive off the waves of energy and creativity others give off, so being allowed the privilege of giving life to someone else’s vision gives me so much joy!

: Any advice?

: I’ve never been good at on-the-spot advice, I’m more of a slow and insightful type. I guess I would just say don’t ever limit yourself. So many people think they have to label what they do or who they are, but life isn’t about labels. Just experience as much as you can and learn from all of it.

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