Shopping in the Gulch & Centennial Park


After our brunch at Biscuit Love, we headed down the street for a little shopping at Two Old Hippies. We loved how cool and unique all of the items were and it was awesome that the store not only had the nicest clothes, but had tons of home goods, and a whole room for guitars and ukuleles. They also double as a music venue! Only in Nashville can you find a hybrid of a performance venue, clothing, decor, and guitar store!  (With a Volkswagen parked in the middle of the shop no less!)

They had a whole display of hilarious pins so I grabbed a few of those and got a Two Old Hippies patch to iron on to one of my jean jackets! We had to snag a photo in front of their cool looking exterior too! The entire Gulch area of Nashville is so nice and perfect for spending an afternoon of eating and shopping, just like we did!

After exploring The Gulch a little more, we grabbed an Uber to Centennial Park and stumbled upon their Craft Fest! There were tons of vendors, food trucks, and live music — which is all so up our alley. As I was on quite a pin kick, I bought a Dancing Bear pin at one booth and then also stopped at the MudLove booth and found a bracelet that said “Be Still,” that I loved! The bracelet provides one whole week of clean water to someone in the Central African Republic, so I was really excited since we love supporting brands that give back.

We also had to make a stop at Mestiza Kitchen after the Philippines flag at the front caught our eye. We totally would have gotten lumpia if we weren’t so full from brunch, so we grabbed a few ube cookies for later! Ube is a purple yam and is used in a lot of Filipino desserts and the fact that they make cookies purple naturally is the coolest.

After we checked out more of the crafters and brands, we saw people with these insane shaved ice creations. We quickly got in the line and ordered their Rainbow Snoball which was drizzled with cherry, pineapple, and blueberry syrup and topped with whipped cream and a rainbow sourpatch candy. It was so good and big enough to share, so Tara and I sat down to listen to the fair’s live music while splitting it!

We did most of our Nashville shopping between the craft fair and Two Old Hippies, so it was great to find items away from the touristy areas of Broadway and make purchases from more unique places! Nashville always seems to have a fun event popping up, so if you’re headed there, check into what’s going on or you may just stumble across a cool fair like we did!

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