Maker Monday: Chanine Hameetman Illustrations

Happy Maker Monday!

This week we are featuring Chanine Hameetman Illustrations! We love Chanine’s illustration style! They are such a representation of happy moments and make us smile just looking at them. Many of her illustrations are representations of her daily life and they make you want to jump right into the drawing and join the fun! Read on to learn more about Chanine, how she discovered her style and her goals for Chanine Hameetman Illustrations!

: Tell us a few things about yourself!

: My name is Chanine. I’m 27 years old, born and raised in Spijkenisse, the Netherlands, which is a small town near to Rotterdam. I’m happily married to Marius and we live in a cozy apartment with our bunny ‘Gijs’.
I have attended an arts academy for one year, but then decided to become a primary school teacher. I’ve always loved to draw a little in my spare time. Nowadays I’m almost always carrying my drawing stuff with me. My friends and family are used to see me drawing all the time.

: Your illustration style is so fun and original! How did you get to where you are in terms of determining what your illustrations would look like and finding your own personal aesthetic?

: Drawing always kept my attention. For this reason I followed an illustration workshop last year. The illustrator of this workshop told us that the best way to develop a style is to complete at least one drawing every day, for forty days. I followed her advice and from that day started to draw and share my drawings on Instagram for forty days.
I drew everything I experienced and saw in my daily life. This experience caused my style to self-develop, because automatically started to draw the way I liked it the most: black lines first and then coloring it with bright colors.

: What are some of your favorite types of things to illustrate or a theme you particulary enjoy centering your work around?

: I like illustrations that show joyful moments. Themes usually correspond with the way I feel. When I’ve had (or are about to have) a fun night with my friends I like to draw friends having a drink and sharing fun moments. When I’m on holiday, my drawings usually show the things I’ve done during the days. Things I repeat and like to illustrate the most are for example animals, plants, flowers and people.

: How does your love for travel play into the work you create, do you have a favorite place you’ve been that gives you the best inspiration?

: Travelling always inspires me. Perhaps it’s because I’m in a different environment. I love to take pictures and get that one beautiful shot which I can sometimes use for a new illustration.

A thing that combines my travelling and illustrating is that I keep a journal by doodling all the things I experience throughout a day. This can be enjoying a cocktail, visiting an old town or even the weather that day.

My journeys through California, Nevada and Utah must have been the most inspiring, because I had never seen so many different landscapes following each other.

: You also have a job in education! What made you decide to make the jump and also start pursuing your illustration business? And how do you balance your time between the two?

: There was a time when my job as a teacher made me experience a lot of stress. At that time I picked up drawing again, because it helped me relax.

This was about the same period I did the forty day drawing challenge and it was during this challenge that I started illustrating educational posters. One of my first designs was a poster showing Dutch language rules in a way that appealed to children. Colleagues noticed my posters and asked if they could order one as well.

This was the start of my company and within a couple of months it really took off. I was selling posters troughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Assignments outside educational posters also started rolling in, such as birth cards and other personalized gifts.

At this moment I’m providing all drawing and creativity lessons in our school. I experience joy in motivating children and guiding them in their ideas and creativity. The children are enthusiastic as well and can notice progress in their skills.

Combining drawing and education suits me very well. The greatest thing about working with children is that they have original ideas and are honest about their work. My colleagues have always been very supportive and motivate me to continue this path.  

: If we were near Spijkenisse we totally would attend one of your workshops! What made you decide holding workshops and what has been the most rewarding thing about sharing your skills with others?

: At this moment I provide workshops in handlettering. My goal is to teach how one can quickly create beautiful handletterings. I’ve designed a reader and guide the attendees step by step. Perhaps it’s because of my background in education that I experience joy in teaching people new skills.

A thing that I find important is that people experience that being creative with handlettering or any other drawing skill can be very relaxing. They do not need to feel intimidated by the skills of other people and the things they see on Pinterest and Instagram. Once they let go of the idea that drawings need to be perfect, drawing can be a great hobby next to a busy job or household.  

: We love the stamps you create as well! What drew you tot his medium and what are some of the challenges of creating images through hand carved stamping?

: Carving stamps is something I’ve started doing recently, also after attending a workshop! It is something special because you only get to see the result when using the stamp. Stamp scan be used for other purposes, like using it as a signature, stamping bags, cards, etc.

Details are the hardest part of a stamp and require a some skills (I must have cut my fingers 10 times while practicing, ouch!). I now frequently get orders from companies or teachers to make personalized stamps.

: What’s your typical creative process? If you had a blank piece of paper in front of you, how do you decide/get inspiration for what to illustrate?

: When I draw freely, I hardly ever make a sketch. Netflix provides the usual background noise and I frequently browse around Instagram and Pinterest to get inspired. I start with making the outside lines with ink or fineliner. Once that has dried I’ll finish my drawings with any combination of aquarel paint, ecoline, pencils and markers. I prefer to finish my drawings at once. When I’m working on an assignment I’ll make a sketch first. Anyway, the most essential part of my creative process is usually Netflix ;-).

: What are some of your future goals and plan for your business?

: So many ideas! For example, I would like to expand my collection of educational posters, or professionally print some other self-made designs in order to upgrade my Etsy shop. I’d love to continue providing workshops and work on assignments. I hope to get asked to illustrate for a popular magazine or children’s book. Besides my own business I’ll continue working as a teacher, because I also like working with the kids and my colleagues very much.

: Any advice for other illustrators out there?

: Stay true to your own style and make what you want to make! Remember why you became an illustrator and continue to see that as a starting point!

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