Exploring 12South + Our Last Day in Nashville


For our last full day in Music City, we (successfully!!) fit in our last few “must-do’s” and started the day by heading to the 12South area to hit up Five Daughters Bakery and Franklin Juice Co. To successfully make it to all the places we wanted to go (for this trip at least), that meant stopping at both places for breakfast. We really wanted to try Five Daughter’s doughnuts and Franklin Juice Co.’s pitaya bowl so we had a “Why not eat two breakfasts?” kind of moment. You guys know how we feel about doughnuts. If you don’t, feel free to check out this, this, this, this, this, and finally this one too. (They’re all links to our doughnut adventures!)

After seeing that Five Daughters Bakery was Nashville’s main artisanal doughnut stop, we made sure to head there and grab a few flavors! They’re known for having the “100 Layer Donut” which is a croissant and donut hybrid, filled and then topped with a glaze! They’re basically shaped like doughnuts but more pastry-esque! I believe Tara and I got chocolate crunch, maple glaze, and one of the seasonal flavors and they were all so amazing! You can definitely tell that they’re a doughnut and a pastry combined because the texture is pretty different, but we love doughnuts in all forms and thought the flavors were so good!

Along with having Insta-worthy doughnuts, their entire interior and exterior is just asking for a photo opp! They have outdoor seating with lights dangling above and don’t miss the side of the building where they have a mural that’s raining doughnuts! Raining doughnuts would be a dream come true, am I right?!

After eating our 100 Layer Donuts, we went for a healthier second breakfast by grabbing a pitaya bowl at Franklin Juice Co. It was right down the street from Five Daughters, and if you’re in the area, you can’t miss the cool greenery that is placed around the storefront’s sign. Inside it’s super bright with a lot of seating, and we grabbed a window spot and got in line to order! Our pitaya bowl came topped with bananas, shredded coconut, and honey and was the perfect way to refresh after those huge doughnuts!

From there, we explored the rest of the 12South area — stopping in at Draper James (always say yes to the free sweet tea they offer you when you walk in), White’s Mercantile (our favorite!), Cadeau, and Vinnie Louise — which were all super cute shops! We also kept running into cool murals and made sure to take photos at all of the ones in the area. Right outside of Draper James is the famous blue striped wall, and across from that is one of the “I Believe in Nashville” murals!

Just a tip, it gets pretty crowded over there, so I definitely would recommend going to the “I Believe in Nashville” mural that is near the Antique Archaeology store. It is twice the size and is usually pretty quiet in that area too! After shopping, we did just that and stopped at both Antique Archaeology and the mural! Antique Archaeology is Mike Wolfe’s store from American Pickers and it was cool to see some of his big finds right there in person! We finished our final day in Nashville by grabbing dinner at Hattie B’s (post to come soon!) and going back to 12South to get dessert at Jeni’s Icecream. 12South ended up being one of our favorite areas of Nashville, and it is filled with cool stores, restaurants, and cafes that we definitely want to get to more of, on our next trip to Nashville!

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