Feature Friday: Des Sottises

Happy Feature Friday!
Today we have the fun, bright work of Margot Tissot who designs just about everything for her brand Des Sottises. You can find her illustrations on cards, posters and prints, tote bags, and even as pins — one of her favorite products to create! Her shop is based in Switzerland and we love getting to showcase amazing creatives and shops from all over the world! The images she illustrates are largely based off of things that inspire her, or are part of her daily life, which creates such a personal product! And we can’t help but just love that she illustrates veggies and makes stuff like broccoli and lettuce look pretty cool. Des Sottises has such an amazing diversity of illustrations and products, so keep reading to see more and learn about the maker behind the brand!

: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

: I’m Margot, I’m a 28 year old graphic/web designer based in Lausanne (Switzerland). Over the years while I practiced graphic design, I developed a passion for illustration and I’m trying to develop my little brand “des sottises” since nearly a year now. Beside this passion for illustration I am fascinated by the whole magical universe (I’m a Harry Potter fan) and I would like to think I’m a sorceress 😀

: How did your shop Des Sottises get its start?

: Des Sottises started in between two jobs. Last year, I lost my dream job for economical issues and I had a few weeks of unemployment. So I took advantage of this time to create my Etsy shop and created a lot of illustrations. I started with the animal alphabet, I made one illustration for each letters and searched for various supports to put them on. The animal alphabet poster, bookmark and pennant were my first items to sale.

: How would you describe your illustration and graphic design style? And how did you get an interest in working in both fields?

: Hum, it’s really tough to describe my design style as it is very varied. I always draw contours by hand, after that I sometime let the drawing only with those contours. Or I fill it by hand or using the computer. The common point of my drawings is the color, they all have fresh colors (except for one tote bag).

: You create pins, totes, cards, bookmarks — and the list goes on! What drew you to create so many different types of products with your designs? And what’s your favorite type of goodie to make?

: I’m really at the beginning of the illustrator adventure and goodies maker so I really love to explore. I set no limit to what I can do with a drawing. Well the only limit is really the financial aspect (I can’t invest too much for the moment so I prefer small object that are kind of cheap to create). I really like pins and I would love to do more 🙂

: We noticed many of your designs feature veggies or other aspects of nature such as flowers and animals! How did you get the idea and inspiration to center your work around these subjects/themes?

: I think I’m really inspired by my environment, I eat veggies every day and one of my main hobby is hiking. I’m also conected to nature since i was a child: my dad took me with him to gather mushrooms (which I still do). And I realy love observing flowers (I wanted to become a florist not too long ago).

: We’d love to hear about your typical day! What is it like being a multimedia designer and working on your own Etsy?

: Well I usually get up at 6.30 am, I try to sketch a little bit before going to work (I work from Monday to Thursday as a multimedia designer for a Swiss NGO). I usually finish work around 6 pm so after that I try to allocate some time to my “Des Sottises” work, it can be taking a nice picture of some of my object to post on social media or finish a new illustration.

: Your patterns are so bright and fun! How do you craft the perfect pattern? And what is your creative process like for creating a brand new pattern for your shop?

: It’s a lot of sketching and tests. First when I have the motivating idea, the one I really want to create. I sketch a few different shapes or positions and select what I think are the best. Then I trace them in black and usually fill them up with some inks or directly on the computer, when the object are traced and filled I duplicate them and play around with the position on the computer.

: What has been the most rewarding and challenging aspect of starting Des Sottises and pursuing your passion for creating?

: The positive feedback of people. I always lack confidence in my work and at the beginning it was hard to share my drawings. I was also a bit frustrated that I didn’t progress as much as I wanted. Seeing people appreciate my work it the biggest reward and it motivates me to continue.

: What do you see for the future of Des Sottises? Any upcoming plans or new projects?!

: I have thousands of ideas, unforunately I just lack the time to develop them, but I definitely would like to create more pins, more goodies (tote bag, pillows, pouches, stickers…). My next illustration challenge will be a botanical alphabet 🙂

: Any advice for other illustrators and designers?

: I’m looking for some advice too, you can contact me 😛 No seriously, just go for it, this is what I say to myself, if it works, great, if not, I would at least have tried.

See more from Margot and Des Sottises!

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