Maker Monday: NVillustration

Happy Maker Monday!

This Monday we are featuring Vaishali and Nayan of NVillustration! We love their incredible paper cut products. Each piece is so unique and crazy detailed! It’s so cool that Vaishali and Nayan work together to allow their artwork to be carried on with their customers through jewelry. Each piece tells a little story into their personal interests or a concept they wished to portray. We think you’ll love their Feature, so read on to learn more about NVillustration! You can also check out their Etsy to snag one of their amazing pieces for yourself.

: Tell us a little about yourself!

: Hey we are a team of two, Myself Vaishali and my partner Nayan.
We started our venture in 2015. Our professions are quiet different but our interests or you call it passion is what made us start this venture of ours.

Let us introduce ourselves. Hey I am Vaishali, a visual effects artist and an animator. I love exploring and illustrating nature. My art always try to express the beauty of nature in any form. Here at our studio I use my skills of art to create different type of products and artworks by combining different processes and technology with different materials.

Hey I am Nayan a Furniture designer; my interest includes exploring new techniques and materials for representing my work and art. As a furniture designer I got good amount of knowledge about material, technology and design. I use this knowledge to get art come alive in a form of different products.

: Your products are beautiful! How did you learn to Paper cut and decide to pursue a business with Paper cut products?

: Oh thanks for the complement, our journey of making Paper cut artworks started a year ago. We were working on a project with an Institute for making Miniature Architectural models that was a time where we use to do work with a lot of materials and processes for making different parts for models. While doing that we stumble upon the thought of getting our artworks cut in paper. From that day we started exploring the technique of Paper cutting and started making different products. We wanted our art to be with people forever and jewelry was the apt choice. So we started making hand painted Paper cut jewelry and never looked back, we love it more than anything we do.

: You have a series called “Colors of God.” What made you drawn to doing a series based off of different birds? Do you have a favorite necklace in the series?

: The reason for doing that is very simple yet complex, we as nature lovers wanted to capture the beauty of natural colors, nature’s palette I call it. And we can say that birds are one the most colorful creations of god, there are many more different colorful creatures but birds have a very different feel to them. They have a sense of freedom, expression of complete peace in them. So we wanted capture that essence of nature and express that in our collection. That’s how this series came to life. We have just started it, going to cover all the birds from this world.
We love our Golden Oriole necklace and the Snow owl necklace a lot.

: Did you always want to have your own business? What have you learned since you started?

: Cannot call it a business, but we always wanted to have our own studio, our own workspace where we create what we want and love. The biggest learning so far is that it is very hard to sell art 😀 just kidding. The thing which we learned from the day we started is that making art and converting it into product is not the end of the process, a design needs to be reviewed and revised as per the trend and the likes of your user group, rest is your quality and commitment.

: How cool is it to see your doodles come to life? And what is the full process of taking a drawing to a sellable product? (How do you create your products?)

: That’s the best feeling, when what you create on paper comes to life and you can wear it and go. We love all of them, sometimes it becomes very hard to sell as we love some of the pieces so much.

The process starts with illustrating the design on paper; we develop different designs and review them for a finished artwork. Once finalized it’s taken to computer where we make the final detail illustration of them. After this the artwork is printed on Paper in different layers and sometimes on different color paper also. The final stage involves painting and assembling the product and attaching the final fixtures to them. The product is ready to wear. Now upload it on etsy and promote.

: You also make tiny, adorable earrings! What is it like/how difficult is it to make jewelry that is so tiny?

: They are my lovelies. I adore them. It’s difficult sometimes when the artwork is detailed; some custom orders demands a level in detail in the product. But the challenge of painting the smallest of the small seamlessly is what makes the difficulty level comforting and once the quality is achieved you taste victory 😀

: What is your favorite thing about combining art, nature, and technology through your pieces?

: The painting part, its most time taking work but that’s main part of our work or we can say our USP also. The colors are the thing which makes our products stands out from other people’s work. We do use color paper also where required as a colored paper has its own beauty and feel.

: How would you describe the products you sell or your personal artistic style?

: Our tag line says it all “Love for Art and Knowledge of Technology”, we make art wearable where people can interact with a piece of art in different ways.

: What do you hope for the future of NVIllustration?

: Our aim or the future is to get in to larger Art installation and sculptures which will help people understand Art in a different form. We want to expand our Paper cut art and jewelry where will explore the techniques of paper cutting and how we can use them in our products.

: Any advice for other creators out there?

: The only advice I will give to my fellow creators is that a artwork product /design always needs to be reviewed time by time for a successful venture. And people should now start knowing the importance of nature in their lives and how important is to save it. The time has come where we have stand together and make our planet proud of us.

See more from NVillustration: 

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