Catskills Camp Style


We always love dressing for the occasion, so when we had a weekend trip planned to The Catskills we each put together a look for the mountain vibes! I personally love western inspired style, but wanted to be comfortable at the same time, so I threw on this waaay oversized shirt and tied it into a knot at the corner to get somewhat of a more fitted look! I paired it with one of those button down denim skirts, but I love how it’s lined with brown suede to make it a little different than the norm. And of course — My favorite gladiators to top it off! Plus, I had to throw on my go-to flat brim hat when we went exploring the nearby town!

While driving thru the Catskills there were adorable farm stands almost everywhere we turned, so we stopped at a few of them to take some photos and look at the gorgeous sunflowers! We also definitely bought some white cherries…  and blueberries… and black raspberries… and pie… Tara’s look was kind of picnic inspired, with this gingham top with the coolest sleeves ever!

The open shoulder look has been popular all summer, so it was cool to find a shirt that had that trend, but with its own unique variation! The little bow that ties the shoulder opening together is so much fun, and we also just love the slit open back! It’s the perfect summer blouse! Along with this statement top, Tara added her harmonica necklace that she got in Nashville (you can actually play it!!!) and finished the look with matching looser white shorts and gladiators! Both looks are fitting of our personalities and we loved being able to spend the weekend running around in these comfy outfits through the Catskills!

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