Our Favorite Place to Stay in Hudson: Wm. Farmer and Sons

We love a good day trip to Hudson, NY and although we normally go for just the day — we finally stayed over for the night and were so excited to check out Wm. Farmer and Sons. It’s not only a hotel, but they also have a restaurant and cocktail bar! After arriving to town, we checked into the James Louis suite and were blown away by how adorable and well decorated it was. Not to mention – this room just screams cozy. From the fluffy pillows, music playing, and comfy chairs — to the gas fireplace, clawfoot tub, and books everywhere, this suite is the ideal place to just hideaway for a weekend!

The way the room was styled was definitely one of the highlights (since we love the homey, farmhouse look) but what was even cooler, was that every suite has a story behind it. The entire building dates back to the 1830’s, so the architecture itself has a story, and in the Wm. Farmer House, there are 7 suites above the restaurant and barroom each with their own name and background. If you want to read about them all, click here! Our room, the James Louis Suite — was named after the owner’s Irish grandfather. The room is dedicated to him and the childhood memories that the owner had with him, which really shows through the details in the suite and the overall nostalgic and cozy feel the room has.

Not only was the space great, but the staff were incredibly helpful in making our stay as easy and comfortable as possible! They were there to greet you at check in, walk you up to your room, and explained everything we needed to know about the hotel and city. Although we would’ve loved to check out the restaurant and barroom, we we didn’t make it this trip — but looking at the menu options and seeing all of the people enjoying a meal there (it was a popping place!) it looks like dinner and a drink there would be right up our alley! We love any buildings with history, so the fact that the entire restaurant and hotel have preserved the historic look made Wm. Farmer and Sons really stand out to us!

The next morning we took things slow, enjoying the clawfoot tub, their local bath products, fluffy robes (of course), and getting our morning caffeine in via THE NESPRESSO MACHINE in the room. I’ve always been obsessed with Nespresso so this was a huge highlight in my book! No bad coffee during your stay here is a guarantee! What made the coffee even better, was enjoying it on their 3rd floor coffee nook. It was adjacent to our room so all we had to do was walk out the door and step onto the adorable outdoor patio with tons of cushion seating, umbrellas, and the perfect vibe to start the day! We enjoyed every minute of our stay at Wm. Farmer and Sons and recommend it for anyone going to the Hudson area! We loved the suite we chose, but since every one is so unique and different, we’ll definitely be back to stay in the others!

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