The best views of Fall at the Harwood Hill Motel

Fall is in full swing and if you’re looking for a place with an excellent view to see the leaves change, you need to stay at the Harwood Hill Motel in Bennington, VT! From their property you can see an amazing view of the Bennington Battle Monument among the hills. We visited in September before the leaves changed and the view was beautiful, so we can only imagine how great it is this fall. Not to mention, they have a bunch of really cool seating areas in which you can enjoy the view on swinging chairs and hammocks!

The accommodations themselves are really fun and fully renovated. One of the unique things about the Harwood Hotel is that they decorate their rooms with local artwork that you can purchase. Each room almost works as a mini gallery, with the wall colors and other furnishings matching to display the work in its best light. Being art lovers we thought it was so cool that each room had a different vibe that matched the art’s aesthetic.

Also – can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing these lamps are?!

We were also slightly obsessed with their waterfall sinks which were on the coolest refurbished mounts, like a vintage Singer sewing machine.

After a comfy night’s sleep, we were ready to do a little exploring in town, so we got up early to head to their complimentary breakfast. They had plenty of options including local farm eggs, bagels, yogurt and fresh fruit. We took our breakfast trays to one of their big picnic tables outside to enjoy the nice weather.

We spent the rest of the afternoon hopping around town. We started at the Walloomsac Farmer’s Market where we ended up getting these incredible sunflowers! They had several local vendors selling everything from produce to homemade goods, and they also had live music playing.

Our next stop was the Vermont Arts Exchange upon recommendation from the co-owner of the Harwood. The Vermont Arts Exchange is a non-profit community arts organization that houses several outdoor art installations. We had a fun time checking out all the pieces and getting a look into some of the work the organization supports.

When we returned to the Harwood Hill for the night, we went around the property to check out their very own outdoor art installations and swing around in their chairs while we took in the view. We also loved checking out their other accommodations like their cute cottages and brightly colored economy offerings.

Overall, we couldn’t have had a better stay. The rooms were beautiful, the staff was friendly and super helpful and the views didn’t disappoint! The Harwood Hill Motel is especially unique in all the little details that you can tell the owners so thoughtfully put together. Even the keys were representative of the motel’s vibe. It was those tiny details that made the stay even more special.

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