Apple Picking x Graphic Tees


I know, I know, apple picking season is over and this post is extremely late to the game. For some reason I keep forgetting about these photos until I open my editor and get smacked in the face with them again. Soooo, playing catch up here! Well you guys know that Cailin and I go apple picking every year because we’re from Upstate New York and it’s what we do, haha. If you’ve been following us for awhile you know we usually go downstate. Well this year we kept it local and went to Bowman’s Orchard in Rexford, NY.

We always go late in the season as we aren’t too particular about our apple varieties and if you go to a decent size orchard, they’ll always have enough left to pick several bags full. One of the main things we love about going late is that it isn’t as crowded. We like to run around the rows of trees acting weird and taking photos, so the lower the photo bomber potential the better.

Bowman’s also has amazing apple cider doughnuts (a must when apple picking), cider, homemade ice cream and other bakery treats. They also have a little packaged foods shop and plenty of options for family activities. They have goats, people. Cailin and I usually just stop by the bakery for some fresh doughnuts and cider. Yum!

Now onto the fashion! So, like always I got this graphic tee from the thrift store. I originally got this shirt because it reminded me of an art project I did in high school. We were asked to draw a dream we’ve had, and at the time I kept having this reoccurring dream of being stuck in a fish bowl (you can get all Freudian on me and interpret that as you will, haha), but this t-shirt looked almost identical to the style I did my drawing in. I thought it was pretty uncanny, so I bought it.

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