Golden Skirts & Golden Hour


This outfit has a special place in my heart (lol) in the sense that it is a combo of pieces that I have owned for forever, but never had a way to put together. Cailin got me the yellow scalloped skirt when she was out thrifting – maybe a year ago. The shirt was just waiting for turtle necks to make a comeback and the tights were picked up five years ago while studying abroad in London.

A roomie moved and left a bunch of new stuff and said Cai and I could have it, so the tights made the trip back to New York. They are pretty thick tights that our dorm mate obviously got for the very cold winters in London and since I don’t often wear dresses in the winter, I never wore them. I found all three pieces when I was doing a closet purge and the outfit idea just clicked!

Soooo there you have it – a long winded reason for why I liked how this outfit came together. :p

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