Freely Clothing X Outboxed Sports


As many of you know, I own a give back clothing brand (Freely Clothing) and Cailin has a sports Youtube channel (Outboxed Sports)! Our amazingly cool friend recently started an Instagram page (baW) that showcases inspiring women and how they’re killin’ it in their respective fields. We were honored when she asked us to do a short interview for their Women Crush Wednesday feature, so we commemorated the event by getting some new headshots and product photos.

I’m wearing Freely Clothing’s “Kindness is King” tee. It’s one of my favorites because people always stop to read and agree with it, and in turn it reminds them to go about their day with a little more kindness.

I styled it with a vintage burgundy sweater that was over a black longline cardigan. One of the reasons I got this cardigan is because it’s only longline in the front (where the pockets are) and is a normal length in the back.

I put it together with a flouncy black skirt with mesh trim at the bottom and a pair of heart patterned tights.

Cailin wanted to aim for a sporty vibe and what is more sporty than a cute jersey. It just so happens to be a LeBron jersey that has been in the family for a long time, but Cai always thinks it’s ironic when she wears it. Outboxed Sports did a LeBron vs. Jordan debate and she wasn’t on LeBron’s side, haha.

We had a ton of fun doing this shoot for baW, so be sure to check out our final interviews on their Insta Page! The ladies behind baW asked some really great questions that I think you’ll all get something from if you’re interested in social enterprise or being a gal in the sports industry. Don’t forget to give them a follow as well! –> (Tara – Freely Clothing Interview) | (Cailin – Outboxed Sports Interview)

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