Sporty Swing Dress


There is nothing more simple, easy and cute to throw on than a swing dress when the weather starts getting warmer. I found this one at Burke’s Outlet on our recent trip to visit family in New Mexico. Burke’s Outlet is pretty similar to a T.J. Maxx or Marshalls, but it is even better because it is named after us!

I particularly love this dress because of the sporty varsity lines it has on the sleeves, which give it an athleisure vibe. It is also made from this soft almost suede-like fabric that makes this dress great for each season as it isn’t too summery. The silhouette is flattering no matter how many tacos you ate on Taco Tuesday (lol) and it can be styled in many ways. This time around I wore it with sheer rose socks and my black lace-up heels.

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