Bubble Wands and Country Walks


I adore the country path that is behind my Mom’s house. It goes into all the farming fields and is just one of my secret happy places. It’s also a great setting for taking photos.

We wanted this shoot to be carefree and summery, and thought bubbles would do just the trick. I’m still child-like amazed with bubbles, like I’m the one who can just stand there for hours watching those guys who blow those super gigantic bubbles in the city, haha – so to say this shoot was fun is an understatement.

I got my outfit from the thrift store as usual, for $5 probably. My go-to are outfits that are really easy, but still stand-out, which is why I love dresses and rompers. You just throw them on and you’re done, but they can still make a statement with their silhouette and pattern.

The kaleidoscope pattern of this romper definitely caught my eye and I also love that it’s capri length. Additionally, it is crazy comfortable!

Cailin is wearing a yellow ruffle skirt and a white tee with boho trim on the bottom. I have no idea where the shirt is from anymore. That tee has been switching between our closets for years now. However, the skirt is Forever21. Now go do yourself a favor and hop on over to your closest dollar store and get a bubble wand!

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