Skater Dress


I love a fun skater dress. The best part about them is they flatter just about every body type and they’re super comfortable. This dress also has some cool details like ruching on the sleeves, which give it a vintage vibe that I’m all about. I wore this one on my birthday, back in June (apologies, Cai and I are playing some serious catch up on here haha), because I like to dress up a bit every year on my bday.

I’m like a kid in the summer…excuse all the bug bites and bruises on my legs haha

I paired this floral print skater dress with the ultimate accessory … a skateboard! I got one for Christmas the previous year and wanted to take it out for its first summer test run. Cailin got it for me and my only requirement was that it incorporated coral, my favorite color, and she nailed it! I love the coral wheels and the cool retro tropical design on the bottom. I still have A TON of practicing to do, but it made for a cool prop in this shoot.

I finished my look with some Vans, appropriately. A pair of cool lavender fishnet socks and some rimless pink glasses I got off of Amazon.

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