Winter Florals


Although it is true that some of your clothes have to be tucked away for winter, not all of your floral prints do! It’s really simple to keep them going all year long if you just switch up the styling. Cailin winterized her sunflower hoodie by simply pairing it with a matching beanie, black jeans and some gray checkered Vans. Oh, and you can’t forget her fly Champion fanny pack!






I have actually only worn this floral slip dress from Urban Outfitters in the winter. Y’all know my thrifting and off-season shopping ways, and buying off-season is exactly how I snagged this dress for $10. To make it winter ready I put a white ribbed long sleeve shirt underneath and wore some fuzzy aqua socks also from UO. I got the sneaker heels from Forever21 for $5 and they are my absolute favorite. Sneaker heels are SO comfortable and ever since I bought my first pair in 6th grade, they have been my footwear of choice, haha! Surprisingly they haven’t caught on as much as a mass trend, so if you spot some they’re still a unique buy. The dusty blue corduroy jacket is thrifted for $6!




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