Saturday Shoot Day


To get our creative momentum going Cailin and I often go out on Saturdays to shoot some photos. We have now become accustomed to calling these adventures, “Saturday Shoot Days.” At times we’ll have a look or aesthetic in mind, but this time we just chose a location and worked off of that. If you live near or in Upstate NY, going to an apple orchard every fall is basically a right of passage. It might be basic, but come on… who doesn’t like fresh apples off the tree, some cider and of course some apple cider doughnuts?! So off we went to a local orchard to take some photos.



For my look I went with an almost bubble knit white sweater, that has rolled hems on the neckline and sleeves. I paired it with some ripped bell bottoms (which is the first time I’ve worn bell bottoms since maybe freshman yr. of HS), tan vintage boots and an array of paperboy hats. The whole outfit is thrifted, besides the jeans which are, like I said, from my high school closet. The boots and sweater were both $3, ayyy! I was gifted the hat, but it is also second-hand vintage.



The lighting that day was perfectly overcast and although it was a little windy, the scenery made for some awesome photos. I give special props to Cailin, who got this shot of me laying in this field of clovers with the 50mm and no ladder, lol!



We had a lot of fun bopping around the hidden or not very popular areas of the orchard, like this abandoned pumpkin patch and fields with pretty daisies blooming. In a few of the pics I swapped out my hat for this white fuzzy paperboy hat. This is actually Cailin’s from from middle school.





Cailin has been all about the athleisure trend and got this really cute yellow color block top off Shien. It is cropped and has billow sleeves and a pull tag on the bottom hem. She added a white lace choker and some ripped jeans to complete the look.





After a ton of photo taking we stopped by the store for some apple cider doughnuts, but the line was at least an hour long, so we turned around and took more photos. We ended up falling upon some yellow flowers which matched perfectly with Cailin’s outfit and finished our shoot with an awesome view of the mountains!




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