Modesty, Beauty and finding a Godly balance


One of my life mottos is, “I don’t care what people think of me, but I do care how people see Christ in me.” I think it’s so important that we represent Christ well and how we present ourselves outwardly through clothing and beauty is a part of that. You know I love fashion, went to college for it and a decent amount of our posts are styled based. I’m not a huge beauty person…I only have time for the basics every morning, but when I look at all the hair, nail and makeup products I have, sometimes I wonder why do I have all this?!

I don’t think having fly style and caring about how you present yourself is a bad thing. I think it’s awesome when you can put on an outfit & makeup that expresses your vibes and makes you feel amazing. However, I do think as a whole we place way too much emphasis on beauty and all the ways we can improve ourselves on the outside. Every once in awhile it’s good to take an inventory of the investment you are making into your outward appearance compared to your spirit, and how you can ask God to help you glorify Him more in these areas. So, here are a few of my check-up points to see where I’m at on modesty, beauty and finding a balance that displays Christ appropriately.

On Modesty

My general guideline on this is pretty practical. If I can’t wear it comfortably at church, I can’t wear it outside of church. When I’m in church I represent the body of Christ and when I walk out the doors I still do. I shouldn’t have “going-out clothes” and a separate section of “church clothes,” because in that I am saying I can decide what is appropriate based on occasion and in turn I’m taking control of my standards of modesty. Although, there is no exact model in the Bible with a mock-up drawing of all the clothes that are appropriate, the more we relinquish control of what we want to wear the more we can walk in God’s discernment in our clothing choices.

On beauty

In terms of beauty I think it is important to evaluate the value we are putting on it – how much money do we invest in it, how often are we promoting outward beauty compared to inward beauty and how much does it measure our self-worth.

I definitely do not want to reach any point in my life where I look around and realize a decent portion of my income went to fancy color palettes that make my eyelids shimmer. I’m not throwing shade at all of you amazin’ makeup artists. Y’all are talented and I know that for many of you, your passion comes from wanting to make people feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. I think it’s awesome that I can wake up with a huge pimple and be like “seriously, ” break out (no pun intended) the concealer, cover that tool from the enemy 😂, and walk out the door feeling more confident. Believe me, I’m as girly as it gets when it comes to beauty products. I walk into Sephora and want it all…which is why I try to avoid Sephora lol. I think this is a good area to pray about balance. Through asking God how you can steward your finances well, He can align your heart to focus on eternal treasures. In my opinion, having some budget for beauty products is a-okay, we just have to check that our hearts aren’t invested in our outward appearance compared to what God may be asking us to invest in His kingdom.

Who else forgets to take their phone out of their back pocket for photos?

In the beauty world today there is so much room for comparison. Just one Instagram post can link you to seven different products that made the girl in the photo have on point brows, lashes, highlights etc. I’m all for a good product review, but if the main thing we are promoting is, “ways to get this look,” we could be putting our voices behind much more powerful things. Good questions to ask yourself when posting on social media are:

Who am I posting this for?

Am I seeking affirmation?

What kind of message am I sending?

And it doesn’t always have to be that serious. A funny pun caption is where it’s at, but these questions can help you determine what you are actually promoting online and consequently what a lot of people will assume you’re promoting in real life.

Simply put, you were made in God’s image and Jesus died for our sins because you were worth the sacrifice. Your self-worth resides in those truths. If you’re finding your value in anything other than the identify of Christ inside you then it’s false advertising from the devil. Free yourself from putting yourself down and start lifting yourself up in God’s word.

Hope these check points helped! What are some of the ways you look at your fashion and beauty choices in your walk with Christ? 

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