Bright Vintage


Vintage is my fave thing for so many reasons. First, I love 1930s-50s fashion. The hunt to find great vintage among the junk in a thrift store is so fun, plus everything you find is unique. It’s a great way to be a sustainable shopper. I’m also a history nerd and like looking up the brands and their stories, and that is exactly what I did for this vintage Jack Winter top.

Jack Winter started as a men’s pants manufacturer in the 1930s, but by the 1950s he was among the first manufacturers to make women’s slacks. Yay! It’s because of manufacturers like Jack Winter and other supporters of more practically wearable clothing for women in the fashion world, that I’m wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans with this outfit.

This pair is from Target’s Wild Fable line. The details on these jeans are just too cool, from the full-length zipper hemline, the boyrfriend fit, the marbled wash and the uneven frayed ends!

BUT we need to get back to this top…WHAT?! It’s just so dang fun. I love the bright red and the fun geometric pattern. It’s a collared shirt and the fabric is silky, so it can be dressed up or down.

I tied the outfit together with my “Always Jesus” earrings I made…which surprisingly didn’t clearly make any shots, but I’ll try to get a detail shot of them in another fashion post. I also wore my favorite light denim boots with lucite heels. Finally, I’d just like to thank Cailin for some fire shots in very very cold weather. You DA best!

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