Plaid Blazer x Graphic Tee


This plaid (really tartan pattern) blazer from the 90s was an amazing find I took straight out of my Mom’s stockpile. It came with shoulder pads and all, which I usually take out, but this blazer had them sewn into the entire stitching of the shoulder, so that was a no-go. I love that this blazer isn’t stiff, but is made out of a cloth-like material. It makes it the perfect casual piece to add a little more interest to a fun graphic tee.

I also really like how that pockets on the blazer have the pattern sewn in diagonally. It makes such a fun contrast from the traditional horizontal and vertically lined pattern.

I kept the rest of the look simple with a pair of cropped jeans, some layered gold necklaces and lace-up heels. The wind was crazy that day, so I had to take photos without the NYC skyline in the background otherwise I’d be facing the direction of the wind. Cailin was able to get a few shots before my eyes started watering like a fountain, haha. Despite the wind, the sunset was just beautiful along the river.

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