Easter Outfits & Encouragements


We’re a little delayed, but we hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I know we are beyond grateful for what Jesus did for us on the cross so we’d be free from sin and the grave. We are also extremely thankful that we are able to freely walk into church and worship our God. We are praying and doing what we can to help those who are targeted and persecuted for their love of Jesus. It felt kind of silly to post about our Easter outfits in the face of such violence and sadness in Sri Lanka, but those brothers and sisters went to praise their Savior even with probable danger lingering, and that sacrifice, in spite of the terrible injustice surrounding it, is beautifully honorable. So, before I jump into our outfits I’d ask you to stop and pray for the victim’s families and the persecuted church around the world.

Cailin and I always like to dress up for Easter. This year I wore a dress by Equipment. It has still been a little chilly here in New York, so I wanted a dress that was both springy, but didn’t have full-on warm weather vibes. This dress fit the bill with the netted full length sleeves and floral pattern.

There are so many interesting details to this dress like the gathered fabric that leads to a longer hem on the one side and the stripes that make up only half of the bodice, but go along the whole back of the dress.

Cailin wore this awesome yellow jacket from Blank NYC. If you know Cailin you know that she LOVES anything yellow, so this jacket was basically made for her. She ended up pairing it with a floral skirt she got during the winter at the thrift shop. The skirt also has three tiers of ruffles on the bottom that make it extra fun.

Cailin gifted me this super cute squishy blue peep for Easter… so we had to include it in some of the shots.

I also just want to encourage y’all who find holidays particularly difficult and say we completely get what you’re going through. Empty seats in your house, scary circumstances and change, looming health issues and brokenness don’t just go away as the world seems to smile for their cute family Easter photos. However, it does make the meaning of the day even more sweet. God’s good grace pours out on you through the blood of His Son, and it’s a gift that can lift your head even in the darkest of times. Jesus cares for you and He proved it on the cross. Let that love sink in as you stand in His and therefore your victory.

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