Castle Foundations ♡’s Paperless Post


I am obsessed with cards. For real, I will give or make cards for any and every occasion when I can! So I was pumped when Paperless Post asked us to test out their site and share our thoughts! I am really big on making my own cards. I took tons of art classes throughout high school and college, so I always have fun taking out the paint or colored pencils and being super extra!

Sometimes though, I just don’t have the time or the supplies with me when I need to send out a card! What I love about Paperless Post, is that everything is so customizable, it’s like you made this card yourself! So if you don’t have the art skills, this is such a cool way to add your own special touch to a card.

I made quite a few cards to see how it all worked and was pumped with the results. First up, I headed to the “Just Because” section and found a cute card for my boyfriend. This one let you customize and add a photo which made this literally the coolest, because you can’t buy a card in the store with someone you know’s face on it!

It also lets you customize the envelope — from the inside lining, the type of envelope on the outside, to even the stamp! I made another card for my friend, Serena, and as you can see, I lined her envelope with crowns cause it is so her! I really love that I can make a card that represents someone’s personality, instead of just settling for what’s at the store at the time. Plus, Paperless Post really makes “Just Because” cards and smaller things easier to celebrate! I definitely will be using it to send cards to brighten someone’s day, let them know I’m thinking about them, or celebrate a tiny victory!!

One last thing that makes this so fun is that it’s animated and opens like a real card! So as the recipient, you get to watch the card come out of the envelope and flip it around! It’s so three dimensional and not the standard e-card by any means.

They have tons of amazing card designs and you can even make flyers for events and parties so that you have an awesome way to e-vite people to your party (rather than sending a standard Facebook event). Plus, you can track RSVP’s — so I know I’ll be using this for the next event I’m planning! I would love to see what kinds of cards you guys come up with, so if you don’t have someone to send one too, feel free to send one our way at!

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