Dealing with emotions

Throughout the Bible we see so many examples of a contrite heart. A broken depleted soul. A person crying out to God, tearing his shirt, hoping for a glimmer of relief with nothing left to give.

Read Job 16:15-21 for just one example.

They seemingly trampled God with their emotions and to the astonishment of us mere humans, God was not smashed to smithereens under the weight of their pleadings. He was there to listen and reply if warranted. He reminded their hearts of His faithfulness and who He was. He told them the truth. Ultimately, He replaced their pain with more of Him. He knows that it’s more of Him that heals all ailments, shifts all emotions and grants true purpose. So, let your emotions out, step into both your weakness and strength and be ready for God to light your pain into the fire of someone else’s hope.

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