Do Your Thing


I’ve been doing more blogging on Instagram these days and this is what I posted as the caption for this outfit:

When you’re tempted to look to the right and left at other people’s callings, successes, & blessings, remember God chose you for a specific “thing” that He purposed for you before you were born. Do your thing, run your race, carry your cross. There’s freedom in not chasing after things God didn’t call you to, not running in multiple races and not putting crosses on your back that weren’t meant for you.

It’s so important to not get consumed with comparison and be confident in the purposes that God has for YOU and only YOU. It’s definitely easier said than done, but God has freedom for you when you trust in His plan for your life. This top reminds me of that and it was on sale at Target for $3 (lol) so it was a win-win on all accounts. I also got the pants and platform sandals from Target as well.

Clearly, Target is not a safe place for my wallet, but they have been killin’ it with the brands they’ve been bringing in. Wide legged pants are so on-trend these days and this pair can be dressed up or down so easily. I styled them in a more street fashion way for this outfit, but they are my absolute favorite pants to wear when I’m doing videography for weddings, because they are so comfy! They were also on sale for $7!

If you’re shorty, like me, I’d also recommend platform anything. These platform sandals give me the height of heels without the pain. We shot these photos on a day trip to Kingston, which involved a lot of walking to all the cute coffee shops, so flats were definitely must!

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