Make it black

Sometimes you just wake up and pass all the color in your closet and go for the black edgy outfit. Granted, that doesn’t happen to me all too often, haha! I wear a lot of color & like crazy designs (the more unique the better), but when I found this PUMA x Selena Gomez collab athlesiure dress, I thought it was the coolest thing.

The details and quality of this piece are amazing, and it is beyond comfortable. The mesh sleeves are built in and the jersey material is super thick, which makes it a perfect fall dress to stay warm in. It also has a pull away snap button hem all the way down the dress AND is also a high-low cut.

So…the boots! My Mom found this pair of stiletto boots at a garage sale years ago and usually when I try them on with outfits I think they’re a little too much. Maybe because I just don’t wear stilettos often, but the casual and loose fit of this dress gave them a more athletic -but make it fashion -vibe.

The photos for this shoot, done by Cai, came out sooooo cool. We did it all at sports fields to go along with the look and I still can’t get over these bleacher shots.

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