A Trip to the MET


The other day we spent a rainy afternoon in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is a great museum that houses artifacts from all over the world, paintings from renown artists, costumes, instruments and so much more spanning over centuries of history.

Many people don’t realize, but The Met is pay what you wish all the time, so if you live in the city or have the time during your travels I’d break it into multiple visits. It’s too big to see in one day without burning out, but if you pay what you wish you won’t feel pressured to see it all at once.



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Mets Game: deGnome Night!


We love our baseball and there is nothing quite like sitting in the stands watching a baseball game on a summer night. We’re Mets fans so before the season starts we always scour the events calendar to check out all the game day promotions. When we found out they’d be giving out a Jacob deGrom garden gnome on May 2nd, we immediately bought tickets. DeGrom is Cailin’s favorite pitcher on the Mets, plus everyone loves his signature locks. In turn, we just had to get a deGnome!

Screenshot (32)
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Upstate NY Lunch & Hike


We were back home in Upstate NY for the weekend, so our stepdad treated us to lunch at Man of Kent Tavern in Hoosick Falls. It was a beautiful day so we sat in their outside seating area, which was set up with cute tables and flowers lining the entire porch. Cailin got the Pulled Pork Sandwich, our stepdad got the Rodeo Burger and I got the Colonel’s Special Sandwich. Everything was delicious and we were stuffed to the brim.


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Finding Neverland Review


A little while back Cailin and I went to the new Broadway musical “Finding Neverland.” The musical is about playwright J.M. Barrie and his real-life relationship with the family that inspired his most renown work, “Peter Pan.” This rendition stars Matthew Morrison as J.M. Barrie, Laura Michelle Kelly as Sylvia Llewelyn Davis (Wendy), and Kelsey Grammar as Charles Frohman (Hook). They are accompanied by a great cast and some very talented young actors playing the three boys Jack, George and Michael.


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Newport Part III


During our last day, we wanted to finish up all of the things we didn’t have time to do the previous few days. We weren’t able to complete all of Cliff Walk the first day so we went back the next morning! I really wanted to see the 40 Steps which is just 40 steps that go down towards the ocean (yup, we counted) and this area had the most epic view of the ocean. From here it looks like the water never ends! We were also lucky that no one else was there at the time so we had a mini photo shoot and just stared out for awhile before heading to our next destination… Ocean Avenue!



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A Mini-Getaway to Newport


Tara and I decided that we desperately needed to see something new and get out of the city for a bit, and Tara had the great idea to go to Newport, Rhode Island! It had always been on my list and since it is their off-season right now, it was a really affordable trip. Tara couldn’t take a lot of time off from work, so this was the perfect way to getaway for a few days and see a brand new place, without actually going too far. Newport ended up being the perfect choice because it really felt like a vacation, complete with the ocean on one side of the island, Narragansett Bay on the other, an amazing hotel, and tons of seafood. We were there for a couple of days and did too much for just one post, so part II and III of our trip will be coming up shortly.


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Lunch Drives: Grapevine Farms


One of our favorite things to do is take a drive and grab lunch wherever we end up. While visiting home one weekend our stepdad took us to lunch at Grapevine Farms in Cobleskill, NY which was one of his random drive finds. It is a cute country bistro with fresh-made sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts. It also is a store that has a ton of finely curated knick-knacks, bags, candles and accessories. The store is actually pretty large with multiple rooms and floors of merchandise. There were so many unique things that would make perfect little gifts.




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Last Friday we headed to B♭ on Church St. in downtown Manhattan for happy hour. We heard they had great cocktails and even more importantly fried chicken! Their happy hour runs from 5-7pm and offers beer for $5, wine for $7 and cocktails for $9. The space is very inconspicuous with no official signage except a small painted B♭ on the door frame.



You then head down some stairs to the underground bar area. When we went there was only one other party there, but it started to fill up a little after 7pm. The bone chilling weather may have been to blame for the deadness as I suspect it’s usually more crowded, especially on jazz nights which they have every Monday and Wednesday.





They had a specific happy hour menu, which I assume changes, but I got the Maple Daiquiri and Cailin got the Bee’s Knees. Both were yummy, but not mind-blowing. On the other hand, the fried chicken “tatsuta” was amazing! The breading was deliciously seasoned and it came with a really good sauce that gave a lot of asian flavor to the dish. The Japanese deep frying technique, tatsuta, keeps the chicken tender and the outside extra crunchy. It came with 5 pieces of chicken, which Cailin and I shared for $9. Hellllooo new craving!





11th St. Cafe & McNally Jackson


Another café review coming your way! For the past week I’ve been working from cafés and I always find it kind of difficult to find a café in Manhattan that I can set up in for the day. A lot of NYC cafés and bookstores are pretty small and some even have table time limits, which doesn’t work if you want to spend at least 3 hours diligently working in one space. After filtering through several yelp reviews and asking people for recommendations I ended up at McNally Jackson one day and 11th St. Cafe the next.


McNally Jackson was recommended to me because it has little individual college style desks for doing work in their café. It is primarily a bookstore with two floors of great books to peruse through and is located on Prince St. in Soho. Their café area is pretty tiny and can get packed, but if you get there at the right time on a weekday you will most likely be able to grab an individual desk. If you have a lot of stuff that you have to spread out or a large laptop this might not work for you, as they are intended for the good old days of pen and paper class note taking. They have approximately 8-9 small tables for two though that would work perfectly. I recommend McNally Jackson if you have a paper to write or just want to have a good cup of coffee and read a book. There is NO WIFI so don’t go there if you need to use the internet, which I did. I didn’t think to check if they had wifi, so I ended up just enjoying my coffee and doing some writing. A little unexpected downtime is always welcome. 🙂





I had no idea where I was going to go to work the next day, so I ended up just heading downtown. I found myself at the 11th St. Cafe  in the West Village. It is also small, but has a large menu that includes both food and drinks. You won’t go hungry working here! They had maybe 6 tables for two that are placed tightly together, but they had wifi and plenty of outlets right against the seats. It wasn’t too crowded when I went, so I don’t think they were enforcing the 45 minute table limit, but during a rush time keep the time limit in mind. It is also on a pretty quiet street during the day, so if you’re anything like me and get distracted by people watching try this place!