Reaction to Richard Sherman’s Post-Game Rant


If you watched the NFC Championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks, you probably aren’t really thinking about what happened during the game, but instead what happened after it. If you haven’t heard from the massive outpouring of comments on social media, during a post-game interview, Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman yelled, “I’m the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that is the result you are going to get. Don’t you ever talk about me.” After reporter Erin Andrews asked, “Who was talking about you?,” he continued to shout, “Crabtree. Don’t you open your mouth about the best, or I’m going to shut it for you real quick.” If you want to see the interview in all it’s craziness, it’s below!

 Obviously people reacted to what he said in a variety of ways. In my opinion, he should have remained professional and let his final game clinching play do the talking for him. Also, in his interview he could’ve said something to make the Seahawks franchise look good, by thanking the fans for their support or commenting on the team’s efforts as a whole. Here’s how current and former NFL athletes reacted to the interview:

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 00.21.45

Some tweets showed support for Sherman in what he said, with most of the tweets mentioning that he was passionate, football should involve trash talk, or he was just pumped up and his great play is what ultimately mattered. Others called him “classless” and “dumb,” said they lost respect for him, or pledged to root for the Broncos in spite of him.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 00.19.23

After all of this, here was Michael Crabtree’s response:

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 00.19.43

This was what Richard Sherman had to say:

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 00.20.50

Now the more important question at hand is what Will Blackmon brought up, “What provoked this?”

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 00.19.58

Well, Crabtree was recently asked by reporters if he thought Sherman was the best corner in the game, and he responded saying, “No, I don’t think so.” Okay… so that was what Sherman was referring to amidst his shouting! However here’s what I find funny. Sherman’s tweet says, “A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of a sheep.” If Sherman wasn’t personally offended by what Crabtree said in his interview, than he wouldn’t have defended himself in that manner. He’s going to the Super Bowl after all, so ultimately he got the better end of the deal anyway. Clearly his reaction tonight showed he was in fact concerned with Crabtree’s opinion.

As for the other tweets I’ve read tonight, I have to say that the whole “Sherman being dumb thing” has no merit. He graduated second in his high school class with a 4.2 GPA and had a 3.9 GPA while at Stanford. He also scored a 1400 on his SATs. Not so “dumb” after all. So yes, maybe his comment was unsportsmanlike, disrespectful, and frankly a little terrifiying/hilarious, but I would criticize his judgment in making that comment rather than his lack of intellect. As a final thought, although Sherman is talented at his position, we should look at some stats to back up his statement. (See the stats here:, and here:

And here’s the final verdict:

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 00.42.00

No, Richard Sherman, you’re not the number one corner in the game. You’re number six. Now please don’t be offended by this and come screaming at me too.

Signs You’re Having Fantasy Football Withdrawal


Unfortunately for myself and the other fantasy players out there, Sundays are no longer the same. Yes, we still have football for a little while longer, but you’re without your fantasy team! Here are ten signs that you’re suffering from fantasy football withdrawal:

1) You try to find a new fantasy sport to play… and it doesn’t feel the same. If you like watching baseball or basketball you would think you’d like fantasy baseball or fantasy basketball too. Yeah, not always the case. I love baseball just as much as football and I tried playing fantasy baseball last year. Nope, not as fun.


2) You watch or re-watch episodes of FX’s The League. If you haven’t watched The League you need to watch all four seasons immediately. It’s basically a show about the league we all secretly wish we were in. With NFL guest stars, tons of trash talk, very inappropriate jokes, and relatable fantasy ups-and-downs, watching it will get you through the off-season just fine.

                 tumblr_mvwpdnNQaQ1skt03xo1_250 tumblr_mvwpdnNQaQ1skt03xo2_250

You’re already thinking about team names for next year.
Of course once the season’s over you think of all of these great names. Where were the good puns when you needed them?

             tumblr_m7psp8gA8g1qm59x5 tumblr_m7psoqIyXC1qm59x5

4) You’re also prematurely thinking of who you want in next year’s draft. Or if you’re in a keeper league you’re currently psychoanalyzing who you should keep. Instead of just watching the playoffs to see who wins, you’re also simultaneously looking for next year’s fantasy prospects. Keenan Allen, anyone?


5) You’re already trying to decide who gets kicked out of the league, who stays, and if you want anyone new. You need a lot of time to figure out who gets the boot, so you’ve taken it upon yourself to start thinking now. Do you really still want those random people in your league that don’t really care?


6) You are still shouting at the TV for your fantasy players in the playoffs. Out of habit I caught myself screaming for Demaryius Thomas the other day and then shortly thereafter remembered fantasy is over and his touchdowns no longer give me any points. Ugh.


7) You can’t get yourself to delete your fantasy football app. I can’t do it and I don’t know why. I probably should though since it’s useless for another 7 months. Wait… SEVEN WHOLE MONTHS!?!? Yeah, that’s a long time. How will we all survive?


8) You look back at your previous week scores and reflect on some of the bad last minute tweaks you made. Yes, a lot of us have Kevin MacArthur syndrome where we keep changing our lineup and over-think everything. Sometimes you look back and just want to cry when you see that crucial week you lost. Especially when someone on your bench had a monster game and could’ve given you the W.


9) The trash talk isn’t over. If you won your league, you’re still gloating. If not, you keep saying “just wait and see next year,” “watch out for me next year,” or some form of that sentence. Gotta love those high hopes.


10) You still talk about fantasy to anyone who will listen. You find ways to bring up fantasy whether it’s on your Twitter or to your family who are SO annoyed you’re continuing to talk about it.


No matter if you won or miserably lost your league this year, you know you’ll always love it. It’s just the off-season all of us hate.

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Why I Think This Year’s Super Bowl Will Be Seahawks vs. Broncos


With the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos both being the top seeds in their respected conferences, saying Super Bowl XLVIII would be a Wilson vs. Manning  game, may not be the greatest surprise, or the classic underdog story we all love. As predictable as this is, these two teams face to face would make a more memorable Super Bowl in the end. The non-football watcher, would probably say, “The 49ers were just in the Super Bowl last year, let’s see someone different.” Same goes for the Patriots. Tom Brady already has multiple Super Bowl victories so it’d be a little more exciting to see someone else hoisting up the Lombardi trophy. Personal bias aside, I do actually have some facts to back up my prediction. It’s not my inner Giants fan rooting for Eli’s big bro and not wanting the Patriots, a Giant’s rival to be in it. The season’s stats so far show the Broncos and Seahawks have the better teams and should therefore make it to the Super Bowl.

Let’s look at the Broncos vs. Patriots first.

Courtesy of Football Schedule,
Courtesy of Football Schedule

Rushing Game: The Patriots mainly give touches to LeGarrette Blount and Steven Ridley who both finished the season with 7 touchdowns, with 772 yards for Blount and 773 yards for Ridley on the ground. With Blount’s 166 yard game and 4 touchdowns (the Patriot record for rushing touchdowns in one game) against the Colts in their 43-22 win this weekend, he’ll get the majority of the ground work for Sunday’s game.

As for the Broncos, with running back Knowshon Moreno getting the brunt of the work with  occasional touches by Wisconsin rookie Montee Ball, both have the power to make significant plays. With 1,120 yards for Moreno in the regular and post seasons, his consistency this season will add to the big plays Manning is sure to make.

The consensus?: The Patriots will take the edge on rushing yards with Blount and Ridley’s  combined efforts.

Courtesy of Football Schedule,
Courtesy of Football Schedule

Passing Game: Tom Brady has two major targets in Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola, while Peyton Manning has Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, Eric Decker, and Julius Thomas. Manning’s options all land within the top 44 NFL players for total receiving yards on the season. The Patriots no longer have Gronkowski due to his ACL and MCL injury in Week 14, and with two less dependable receivers than the Broncos, that may be the game changer.

Basically, the less viable targets, the less passing yards. Plus, it’s Peyton Manning we’re talking about. With the most passing yards in the NFL this season and his 115.1 QB rating, it’d be a safe bet to say he’s going to have yet another huge game on the passing front.

Consensus: Broncos take the passing game with Manning and his many targets.

Defense: The Patriots defense essentially sealed the win in their divisional game against the Colts. With three sacks on quarterback Andrew Luck and four interceptions (two of them by Pats cornerback Alfonzo Dennard), the Patriots defense led by Jamie Collins will have even more confidence going into this weekend’s game.

However with Bronco’s cornerback Chris Harris Jr. out with a torn ACL after last weekend’s win against the Chargers, they’ll need to find a replacement to fill his large shoes. Head coach John Fox hasn’t made a decision yet, but I’ll bet that Champ Bailey will be in the cornerback position for the majority of the game. He won’t be at his 100% best because of his left foot injury that has been continuously giving him trouble, but will be a decent replacement.

Consensus: The Patriots defense will be strong, forcing at least one turnover and breaking through the Bronco’s offensive line to get to Manning. The Broncos offense, however, will keep them in check and ultimately diminish the Patriots defensive efforts. Broncos have this one.

Special Teams: I’ll keep this one short. The Bronco’s Trindon Holliday is likely to give Peyton Manning and company consistently good field position. Ideally for the Broncos, he may even return a punt for a touchdown as well.

Consensus: The Broncos special teams will help ensure a Denver win.

Aside from these predictions, what is sure is that it will be a very close game. Yes, the Patriots defense has been playing better than usual as seen by their recent win, and the Broncos have some injuries plaguing their defense, but Peyton has all four of his receivers healthy. Manning and these four will make all the difference.

Now for the Seahawks vs. 49ers.

Courtesy of Football Schedule,
Courtesy of Football Schedule

Rushing Game: Marshawn Lynch will dominate the field as usual. With 1,403 yards in the regular and post season combined, he’ll probably add more than a hundred yards to that number this Sunday.

Although Frank Gore will most likely give the 49ers a touchdown or two, he won’t be able to keep up with the 100+ yard game Lynch is going to have. I predict he won’t break over the 100 yard mark at all.

Consensus: The rushing game with the help of Lynch will help ensure another victory for Seattle.

Passing Game: Although Russell Wilson had a disappointing divisional round and beat the New Orleans Saints thanks to the Seahawk’s rushing game, we should see a better week from him. Golden Tate will get the majority of Wilson’s completions, but Doug Baldwin will also be there making several key catches. I don’t expect an amazing, extraordinary game from Wilson, but just enough to win the game.

Courtesy of Football Schedule,
Courtesy of Football Schedule

The 49ers have Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis, both who are bound to make several big catches and get into the end zone. Crabtree will be there to make a few solid catches as well in crucial 3rd down situations. Kaepernick, on the other hand, has had less than stellar games versus the Seahawks this season with 15 completions on his 29 attempts in their Week 14 meeting. However this time around, we should see him make some big plays in the air and on the ground, possibly getting into the end zone himself.

Consensus: The 49ers win this category as I see Boldin and Davis collecting more receiving yards than Tate and Baldwin of the Seahawks.

Defense: This category gets a bit more difficult to predict since we’ll be seeing two of the NFL’s best defenses going face to face. I’ll keep it simple and give the edge to the Seahawks as their regular season defensive stats speak loudly enough. (Number 1 in the NFL for: Average of points allowed per game, average yards allowed, average passing yards allowed, turnovers, and interceptions)

Consensus: The Seahawks will force several turnovers with their defense consisting of cornerback Richard Sherman and star safety Earl Thomas.

Special Teams: The Seahawks have had a consistently excellent special teams unit. With kicker Steven Hauscka’s 94.3% field goal completion rate, their special teams should positively impact the outcome of the game.

In the Seahawks and 49ers last meeting, San Francisco’s Phil Dawson kicked a field goal to win the game, and he will again prove useful in tacking on 3 extra points here and there to keep the 49ers in it.

Consensus: Special teams will both make beneficial contributions but the Seahawks should make a few more field goals to keep the win safely in their grasp.

With the almost deafening noise volume at the Seahawk’s CenturyLink field, the 49ers will have to try their best to keep their sanity, but ultimately will fall short if only by a few points.

Okay yes, I personally want a Seahawks vs. Broncos Super Bowl, but with the Bronco’s offense under the helm of Peyton Manning, and the Seahawk’s having the number one defense in the NFL, it is more than likely to end up that way.

An Artsy Guide to the NFL Playoffs


As the playoffs are in full swing with one game finishing a few hours ago, two more games       tomorrow, a championship game for each division, and finally THE SUPER BOWL, I thought I might simplify the playoffs for those who find the whole thing confusing.

Since some of us don’t like reading those lengthy sports articles, would rather watch a reality show instead of SportsCenter, or only watch their team’s games, a visual representation of “who’s still in it” will get you all of the info you need to be knowledgeable at those upcoming Super Bowl parties!

To start off, there are four rounds of playoffs. First, the Wild Card Round, second, the Divisional Round, third, the Conference Championship Round, and fourth and finally, the Super Bowl! Six teams from each of the two conferences make it to the playoffs and this year the teams for the American Football Conference (AFC) are (left to right): The Denver Broncos, Cincinnati Bengals, San Diego Chargers, Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs, and New England Patriots.

Image 1

As many of us have a visual memory, I thought using the team’s logos would help you remember which team played which, who won, and who’s continuing on in hopes of making it to the Super Bowl!

Now as the Super Bowl works, the top AFC team plays the top NFC (National Football Conference) team. Again, there are six teams in the NFC playoffs (left to right): The San Francisco 49ers,     Philadelphia Eagles, Carolina Panthers, Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints, and Green Bay Packers.


Before we make it to the Super Bowl though, we need some eliminations! That’s where the first Wild Card Round comes into play. Four teams from each conference play each other in the first round, while each conference’s two highest seeds wait until the second round to begin play.

For the AFC, this is how the first round went:

Image 7Image 5

In the NFC, this is what happened:

Image 8Image 6

As it works in the NFL, playoffs run by single-elimination. This means once you lose, you’re out. With four teams out (two from each conference), we’re currently in the midst of round 2. In this Divisional Round, the top seeds finally get a chance to play with two games already in the books after today.

Today it was the AFC second seed, New England Patriots, playing the Indianapolis Colts and the NFC first seed, Seattle Seahawks, playing the New Orleans Saints. If you want to be super           impressive and be able to recite the scores, the Patriots won 43-22 while the Seahawks won 23-15. Clearly, the Patriots and Seahawks displayed why they were at the top of their conferences by both claiming spots in their designated Conference Championships.

Image 4

Image 11

Now the only questions left are: “Who will take the last AFC and NFC Conference Championship spots?,” and “Which two teams will make it the Super Bowl?” To give you an idea of what’s to come, let’s again get some visuals.

Here’s what games are happening tomorrow, where two teams will make it to the Conference Championships!

Image 10 Image 9

And looking even further ahead, who will be joining the Seattle Seahawks and New England      Patriots in Round 3?

Image 2 Image 3

Soon enough the Super Bowl will be here and you’ll be able to say you knew how the two final teams got there! Everyone needs a visual aid once in a while, but if you want to “really really” know what’s going on in the playoffs, watch them for yourself! The 49ers and Panthers will be playing tomorrow at 1:05PM while the Broncos and Chargers will be playing at 4:40PM. I         personally can’t wait for what will both be two great games!