Feature: Soulshine

Today we’re so excited to feature Jennifer Wosk of Soulshine. Just the name of her business alone gives off positive vibes! Not only that, but many of her necklaces actually have healing crystals and gemstones. We love this combo of beautiful pieces to wear with actual meaning behind them! She wanted to tell you guys all about her jewelry and the story behind it, so keep reading to learn more about this amazing brand. Then check out her jewelry and get something that will make your soul shine too!

1501469: The original inspiration behind my Soulshine jewelry collection is my talented grandmother, who traveled the world with my grandfather and collected antique beads, pendants and special pieces. From this, my grandmother created her jewelry line, Frances Switzer Originals. My grandmother was no longer able to continue her work and her amazing treasures were stored away.


For many years, I had thoughts in the back of my mind that I wanted to rescue these treasures and make jewelry. However, I allowed self-doubt to get in the way, listening to old stories telling myself that I was not creative. Some years ago, I told a friend about the beads and how I wanted to use them but did not feel capable. She encouraged me to just go for it. So I did, and here I am with my creativity and confidence awakened within me and I will never look back.


Through my world explorations, I have been collecting beads and unique pieces to add to the collection. My designs are inspired by my yoga practice, and my love of beauty and nature. I love to incorporate gemstones with specific intention for healing. Each design is unique, and I love to create custom designs for clients.


For more information about Jennifer and Soulshine click away!
Website: www.soulshineyoga.ca
Etsy Shop: SoulCollection

Instagram: @SoulshineCollection


Feature Friday: Berna Buen of DOTTEDends

Happy Feature Friday!

pic4This week we are featuring Berna Buen of design company, DOTTEDends. Berna creates awesome cement jewelry and housewares. Yes you read that correctly, she creates her pieces using cement! We love how she works with such an industrial material and makes it into something usable, wearable and stylish. To learn more about Berna’s entrepreneurial and creative journey, read on!

Castle Logo: Tell us a little about yourself.

14680831_641568749339127_9064256779256935341_o: I grew up in a small city off the gulf coast in Texas, Growing up I was a beach child I lived to be in the water, One of my fondest memories is how me and my brothers would swim so far out in the ocean we would land on small islands, you couldn’t see them from shore but the water became shallow again and you could stand or sit on a piece of earth. I eventually moved away to start on my grown up life I went to California, then moved to Austin TX where I got married and started a family before finally settling down in Dallas, TX. I am the proud mother of 2 very strong willed girls, they are a challenge but I cant blame them I know where they got it from.


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Feature Friday: Honey Thistle

Happy Feature Friday!

2This week we are featuring Wei of Honey Thistle! Wei creates polymer clay miniatures and brass jewelry. When we were little we’d ask our parents if we could buy those mini blown glass animals because miniature anything is just too cute. In each of Wei’s miniatures there’s a ton of character, making them perfect little gifts for someone who may connect with an individual piece. Additionally, for all you festival goers her brass jewelry screams dancing free-spirit! Learn more about Wei below!

Castle Logo: Tell us a little about yourself?

isla_500x500.15844174_9wd8wyv1: I’m a maker and artist based in Toronto, Canada, and I work primarily with brass and polymer clay. I live with my boyfriend and cat, who keeps me company during the day while I’m tinkering away. I used to be a night owl and work into the wee hours of the morning, but have recently adopted an earlier schedule so I now get up around 5:30 am and go to bed just a little after 9 pm. We’ll see how long this lasts haha.


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Feature Friday: Killer Sprinkles


This week we’re featuring Ashling Gabig of Killer Sprinkles. We love her polymer clay food jewelry! She picked the name Killer Sprinkles because she wanted something that expressed her brand that was equal parts cute and sassy. Her polymer creations express just that vibe, as they are so adorable and uniquely edgy. You can find Killer Sprinkles pieces on her Etsy store. If you’ve ever been interested in running your own Etsy store or starting your own jewelry line, read on to learn about Ashling’s journey.


Castle Logo: Tell us a little about yourself.

iusb_760x100.15947591_6fp8: My name is Ashling, and I am the owner of Killer Sprinkles, a polymer clay jewelry business based out of Southern California. I have been seriously working with polymer clay for about the last two years. I also have a great day job in marketing, working at an agency as an Account Executive. My third job is being the proud mom of my sweet little senior Shih Tzu, Watson.

Rainbow Layer Cake Ring
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