Random Car Garage shoots


Where are all my people who are bad at directions? I’m not the best navigator when it comes to street names, main roads and highway exits I should know. I’m really good at visually remembering where I am. When there are no formal directions, I’m the one who get us home because I remember that tree with a strange nook in it that we turned right at to get to the main road. Just had to defend myself for a second (for what it’s worth, haha) because Cailin can get a little annoyed of my version of having a sense of direction.

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Eclectic Sweater


Eclectic has always been one of my favorite words, so when I found this sweater online at H&M for $7, you know ya girl had to get it. I also had a gift card, so I ended up not paying anything for this super cute and comfy sweater. The boxy fit is very trendy and I love how the wording was woven into the sweater and not printed on. The pastel purple color is also really nice and fun looking.

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