Feature Friday: MO&PEA

Happy Feature Friday!

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This week we’re featuring knitwear, accessory and graphic designer Laura Elisabeth! If you’ve ever found yourself looking for a warm, chunky and stylish scarf look no further than MO&PEA. Her Etsy store is filled with comfy goodness. She also does custom orders. How often do you get to request a knitwear dream you see in your head to a designer who’ll make it for you! To hear more about Laura’s creative journey read on!

Castle Logo: Tell us a little about yourself.

iusb_760x100.16949994_a5gq: My name is Laura Elisabeth. I create knitwear accessories and home decor. I’m also a Web and Graphic Designer and student. I currently live in CT with my boyfriend and our cat, Matcha. When I’m not crafting, I love to read, drink tea, or play Animal Crossing.


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Feature Friday: Caterham Design

22_September_Kate_Website_Profile_Photo_1Happy Feature Friday!

Today we’re bringing to you Catherine Dawes of Caterham Design! We fell in love with her hand-lettering instantly and think it’s so cool that something as simple as a phrase can be written to look fun, stylish, or even sophisticated. Catherine really does a great job in making sure her typography communicates something. We love how her pieces all have their own feeling or vibe attached to them! She has a lot of great advice to share and we can’t wait for you to keep reading to learn more about her creative journey thus far.

Castle Logo: Tell us a little about who you are.

CD logo:  Hi! I’m Catherine, a graphic artist from South Africa specializing in hand-lettering and calligraphy. I run my design studio, Caterham Design, from a dusty farm on the edge of the Kalahari; where I drink lots of coffee, eat my fair share of buttery pastries, and create hand-crafted designs for creative, artisan companies and individuals.


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Feature Friday: Artist Ellie Edon

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 14.21.31Happy Feature Friday!

Today we’re featuring Ellie Edon of @wastedpaints. We can’t help but be drawn her colorful, fun pieces! A majority of her focus is on animals and it’s so cool that she makes them look completely realistic, while at the same time often using multicolor. She not only creates art because she’s talented at it, but also loves how it makes her feel. Her pieces make us happy so we’re glad that creating them does the same for her! Keep reading to learn more about Ellie and see her amazing works of art!

Castle Logo: Tell us a little about yourself as well as your artistic background.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.13.22 PM: I’m Ellie Edon. I am an 18 year old from Yorkshire in England. I’m a socialist, a vegetarian, intersectional feminist, a dog lover and someone who finds peace in making artwork. I find writing about myself difficult as I am still young and developing who I am. I want how I change as a person, and my values, to shine through my artwork someday.

I remember in Year 6 (in England this is around the age of 10/11) I won my first Art contest with the theme being Easter. In fact, I used very very bright colours even then. I also won a blue peter badge with the same work. (This was a big deal!!) I used to have very low self confidence, and found some self-esteem when people complimented my work. This esteem has helped me develop my skills in where I am today, and has made me a much more confident person. I’m still just someone with an Instagram account – still, it’s pretty cool having a following.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 14.22.41

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Feature Friday: Artist Tara Steinmetz

Happy Feature Friday!

image3 (1)This week we bring you artist Tara Steinmetz. We love her style and how she has woven together both her yogi lifestyle and artistic talents to create her pieces. She also does artwork on Starbucks cups! We’ve always followed Starbuck’s various “cup contests” since people can do some pretty amazing things with a simple coffee cup, and Tara is definitely one of them. Tara also has a great perspective on how to grow as an artist, simply put it’s to keep at it. The more you create the better you’ll become. To see Tara’s work and learn more about her, read on!
Castle Logo: Tell us about yourself and how Tara Dawn Art got started.

11822767_592279190910605_4524424209951198759_n[1]:The past five years have been kind of a whirlwind for myself and our family. Art seemed to be a way for me to relieve stress and bring myself back to neutral. Not to sound cheesy, but it was a great coping mechanism and helped me get through a lot of tough moments. About three years ago I realized that my artwork was something I wanted to take more seriously and improve. Beside as an elective in high school, I have had no art training or schooling. “Tara Dawn Art” really got started through Instagram. I started posting some of my daily sketches/paintings/doodles. I slowly started receiving requests to design things for people as gifts, greeting cards, and tattoo designs. It’s been slowly building more and more over the past few years. I am truly grateful and humbled with every kind comment, follower, request and inquiry I receive. Where I’m from: I was born in Portland,OR where I lived most of my childhood. I moved around a couple times, once with my family to Medford,OR where I graduated high school. There was a small blip in Chicago,IL but I soon found myself back in the Portland/Vancouver area. My boyfriend Trevor and I currently reside in Spokane,WA. As long as I’m with him and in the Pacific Northwest, I’m happy.

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Feature Friday: Artist Kindah Khalidy

Happy Feature Friday!

Screenshot (88)

This week we are featuring painter and textile designer Kindah Khalidy. She really has a distinctive style that lends its hand to a variety of canvases from bags and dresses to wallpaper and actual canvases. In addition to working on her art, she also runs her own online store where you can pick up all her incredibly cute pieces. Plus, if you’re ever feeling down in the dumps just head over to Kindah’s instagram. All the vibrant colors she uses in her work are sure to liven up your mood!

Castle Logo: Introduce yourself and tell us a little about what makes you you.

wholesale_kindahkhalidylogo: My name is Kindah, I’m a California based artist. I also design textiles, most of which come directly from my paintings.


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Feature Friday: Artist & Textile Designer Kat Statsenko


KStatsenkoThis weeks Feature is Kat Statsenko. She is a multi-talented fine artist and textile designer living right here in the Big Apple. Her print designs caught our eyes because they are so fresh, colorful and visually entertaining. Another thing she can add to her creative resume is photography as she has an awesome Insta feed filled with great shots of the city. To learn more about her start in the art world, what inspires her pieces and her advice for getting after your dreams read on!


Castle Logo: Tell us a little about yourself.
Screenshot (83): I was born in Ukraine, raised in Hyde Park, NY and recently moved to Brooklyn after completing a Fine Arts degree from Moore College of Art & Design.

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Feature Friday: Illustrator Chelsea Bonus

Happy Feature Friday!

IMG_20150508_172401Hello everyone! This week we’re featuring fashion illustrator Chelsea Bonus. We love her work for all its intricate details and life-like qualities. Her pieces look like they’ve walked straight off the runway and onto her sheet of paper. Chelsea is currently illustrating for clients on a part-time basis with the goal of making illustration her full-time gig. Like many of you creatives know, having a side project or business can be hard to keep up with. Chelsea’s take on this is that if you want it enough you’ll make it happen. We’ll be looking out for her illustrations in the future as we have no doubt that she will.

Castle Logo: Tell us a little about yourself.
static1.squarespace: My name is Chelsea Bonus.I’m from Wicklow, Ireland and have been drawing for as long as I could hold a pencil! After finishing my degree in fashion design I started working as a freelance illustrator, following fashion and beauty trends with a pencil and paper.



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Feature Friday: Ballerina Alisa Uzunova

Happy Feature Friday!


This week we are excited to feature our first dancer on the site, Alisa Uzunova! Being former ballet dancers ourselves we love a good dance Instagram and particularly love Alisa’s. She is a very talented ballerina who is relentlessly pursuing her dancing dreams. Although being a dedicated ballet dancer is a lot of hard work both physically and mentally, Alisa doesn’t think of ballet as that harsh competitive world many view it as. It is simply her passion and one of her keys to happiness. All the hard work is just another stepping stone to achieving her goals.

Castle Logo: Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, my name is Alisa Valerieva Uzunova I was born on the 17th of July in a small beautiful city named Veliko Tărnovo in Bulgaria. I knew from a young age of that I wanted to become a ballerina, every where there was music I always used to start dancing and moving on the rhythm. That’s why my mom decided to put me in a ballet class. I remember my first class when I was 4,5 years old. From then on I said to my mom that I want to become a ballerina. And luckily enough when we moved in 2007 to Brussels, Belgium we found new great ballet teachers, to help me live my dreams. From the age of 12-14 I studied at the Royal Ballet School Of Antwerp under Artistique Director Michael Shannon. Because the school was in a different city I had to stay in a boarding school. After 2 years in Antwerp I decided I wanted to do more ballet and moved back to Brussels to train at a privte school, the Brussels International Ballet School where we danced from 10am until 6pm. After that, I studied my academics for about 2 hours a day. That extra training helped me get better for the Vaganova Ballet Academy.


Castle Logo: When and why did you start dancing?

I’ve actually always been dancing. My mom used to tell me that even when I was a baby and couldn’t walk yet. I still tried to move whenever I heard music. At the age of 4 or 5 my mom decided to put me in my first ballet lesson. I remember I was wearing this cute little pink leotard and pink skirt. From then on I knew I wanted to do this all my life. At that age I didn’t really know yet what I was supposed to do to become a ballerina, but somehow knew I would.

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Feature Friday: Pen Artist Tariq Itani

Happy Feature Friday!

IMG_5489This week we are featuring pen artist Tariq Itani. We can’t believe that some his pieces were done entirely in pen! The first thing that comes to mind when using pens in art are their permanence and ability to make sharp outlines. However, Tariq is able to use pens to reflect many different textures, which make his pieces very realistic. He also isn’t afraid of not having an eraser and sees it as a welcome challenge. Read on to see what Tariq is working on now and how he is pushing his art even further.


Castle Logo:  Tell us about yourself.

Screenshot (63): Hello, my name is Tariq Itani. I am a photorealistic pen artist. I was born in UAE, Dubai, and I lived there for 5 years before my family decided to move to Texas to open up several businesses. By the time high school hit my parents moved back to Dubai to open up more businesses and I was left alone in the states to study. School became too easy, and I was left to find another hobby to fuel my active brain. I decided to take up art, and from then on, I have been drawing 4-20 hours a day (yes, countless times I have drawn up to 20 hours a day.)




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Feature Friday: Design Geometric

Happy Feature Friday!

This week we are featuring Santiago Legarrera of Design Geometric. We think it is so cool that he uses all geometric shapes to create his pieces. His work is full of dimension even though he uses 2D shapes to create them. In addition, his pieces have so much detail and even though they are abstract, the objects he creates look so realistic! We also love the glamorous feel his artwork has, making them perfect to hang up in your home. We were really curious to find out how he got started in this type of geometric design, so keep reading to find out why he started using this incredible technique and his advice for those hoping to start a business like himself!
Castle Logo: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background in design.

10723838_883495555008310_1921655000_a[1]: First of all I want to thank you for electing me for the segment “Feature Fridays”. My name is Santiago Legarrera, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a graphic designer graduated from the University of Palermo, and entrepreneur since I am carrying out various projects related to clothing.

I chose design because I always liked art and everything related to creativity and innovation, that’s why when I finish school I decided to study this amazing career called Graphic Design.


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